Project QUILTING Season 4, Challenge 3 Quilt Entries, Random Prizes and a Haiku

I’m going to change things up a little this week. Since I decided that I’m going to add the fun of a Public Vote back into the mix for Project QUILTING I’m going to announce the Random Prize winners tonight for the ‘Annie’s Vision’ Challenge.   I can’t guarantee that I’ll always be this on the ball in the future but I am today so I’m going with it.

38 quilts were entered into this weeks challenge! And they are all so amazing! I love how bright and cheery the mosaics look!

36 quilts from the Project QUILTING 'Annie's Vision' Challenge
1.Coneflower Happiness, 2. Emergence, 3. confetti in the sun, 4. Young daisy, 5. Unfinished Masterpiece, 6. Challenge 3 Annie's Vision 010, 7. Challenge #3-Annie's Vision, 8. Sunny Days Mug Rug, 9. The Pasque, 10. Coneflower Confection - detail, 11. Project Quilting Season 4 Week 3, 12. Hearts All Around, 13. Proj. Quilting #3, 14. Naples bag - back, 15. Beauty Unseen, 16. heart wishes, 17. 11375_4732396705581_226146029_n, 18. Batik String Pillow, 19. "Leafing Out", 20. grow, 21. After Annie's Big Love from QuiltChicken (Trisha Frankland), 22. Close up Challenge #3, 23. Re-Birth close-up, 24. Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 3, 25. Trust, 26. Tree of Love by Sally's Angelworks, 27. Left, 28. Annie's vision PQ challenge, 29. bondprick detalj, 30. A Garden for All, 31. Spring Fever 3, 32. Poppies Dancing in the Wind, 33. Truth Between Friends, 34. Philippians 4:13, 35. "Mushrooms Having Fungi" - Project Quilting (S4, challenge 3), 36. Forest Angel in Beads Created with fd's Flickr Toys

2 quilts made for the Project QUILTING Annie's Vision Challenge
1. Sunflowers Make Me Happy created for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 3 Annice's Vision, 2. Celebrate Annie created for the 'Annie's Vision Project QUILTING Challenge' Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Diane and I aren’t eligible for prizes or the public vote (only prizes/critiques from you all) so I just split us apart of the main group to make a mosaic that fit together a bit better…

021013I had my three prize pickers helping me pick this weeks random winners once again! IMG_4825

I wrote down the 36 qualifying names (not me or Diane) and put them into the magical prize hat…



Pip choose the winner for

Prize 1

st2this thread GLOWS IN THE DARK!  So cool!

$25 to Superior Threads

And the winner is…

IMG_4829 IMG_4831


(I couldn’t decide which picture was better so I just posted them both…)


Cedi was next in the picking line-up tonight…

Prize 2

fat quarter bundle

$20 to Fat Quarter Shop

goes to…


Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

IMG_4834Next to pick – Capri!

  Prize 3


Surprise fabric prize from Fabric Worm


Christie, Describe Happy!

Prize 4

Quilts Built by Imagination

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

IMG_4837      by rutigt

Prize 5


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake



Prize 6

long arm quilting by quilts by barb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb



Prize 7

dye candy yard

1 Yard of Hand Dyed Fabric from Dye Candy


(according to Grandma Lapacek – the dirty the child, the more fun they had…I would say it’s safe to say Pip had a good day…)

Quilts by Lisa

Prize 8

quilting lodge 2

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


For Quilts Sake

Prize 9


an 11” x 14” print from annie young arts




Congrats to all of our random drawing winners!  I’ll be in contact with you and the sponsors today to let you know how to claim your winnings!

‘Closer Looks’ at all the entries will be posted throughout the week – be sure to stop back often!  I also hope to get the ‘Public Vote’ up tomorrow at some point – stay tuned…


Sunday Sewing Haiku

Purple and Orange

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or Brown

Choose fabrics wisely


  1. Congrats to all of the winners!

  2. Thank youy Pip for drawing my name out of the hat!!!! It´s so fun to win :)
    Gun, Sweden

  3. How cute to pick the names out of a hat with these cute kids! Thanks for the chance.

  4. how fun! Congrats to everyone and great job, girls!


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