Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 3 – Annie’s Vision: A Closer Look, Part 1

What a talented group of quilts!  38 incredible quilts were created using this week’s Project QUILTING Challenge – Annie’s Vision.  I am so in awe of them all!  It’s definitely going to be tough for people to narrow it down to just 3 favorites in the Public Vote.

As usual, I want to showcase each of the quilts and share the stories with you.  I hope these Closer Look Posts help make it less overwhelming than manually going through flickr.  I know when I’m posting them I always find out new things about the quilts that I may not have noticed by just browsing the galleries.

With that, let’s take a look at 8 of the fantastic quilts.

A Closer Look at Quilts from the Project Quilting, Annie's Vision, Challenge - Part 1
1. Coneflower Happiness, 2. Emergence, 3. confetti in the sun, 4. Young daisy, 5. Unfinished Masterpiece, 6. Challenge 3 Annie's Vision 010, 7. Challenge #3-Annie's Vision, 8. Sunny Days Mug Rug Created with fd's Flickr Toys


QUILTER: Stipple Quilt

Coneflower Happiness

Coneflower Happiness

When I looked at Annie Young's artwork the first that caught my eye was her Coneflowers. I have many of them around my house here on the Mississippi river in Iowa and decided to do a design using them. It is 13 x 18 made with batiks and free motion appliqué. I will be posting more about it and close-up photos in a couple days on my blog.
Freemotion by the River


Quilter: WaggonsWest 



Project Quilting 4:3 Be inspired by the work of Annie Young.

Emergence of beauty and light. A tribute to the strength of a creative spirit and an amazing ability to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles to satisfy an artistic urge.

This quilt was made near St Louis, MO

Details on my blog.


Quilter: quilts by lisa

confetti in the sun

confetti in the sun

Confetti in the Sun wall hanging (15" x 17") made in Ashland, Kentucky for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 3, Annie's Vision.
Before this challenge, I was not familiar with the art of Annie Young. So glad the challenge led me to it, as her work is amazing! One piece that intrigued and inspired me was called "Confetti Susan". My representation of a similar flower uses fabric confetti in the center. I chopped up scraps of fabric then sprinkled them on a brown flower center, covered them with tulle and stitched over all the layers. Once my raw edge appliqué and my flower center were stitched down I frayed the edges with a brush meant for fluffing chenille. I made this piece with only free-hand cutting and stitching, which is a challenge for my engineer's brain.


Quilter: fordhook1

Young daisy

Young daisy

Project Quilting Season 4, #3.
Size of Pillow; 17" X 16". Made in Chico, Northern California.
Truly an inspiring woman; Annie Young. I like Annie's subtle use of empowering words in her art. I usually hide a few words myself when I do free motion quilting, so in this quilt I used a word that seems to be a major force in Annie's art "believe". It's hard to see in this photo but it's above the daisy. She uses vivid colors so I used my favorite vivid color blue. I sewed a patchwork of blue (first rule) for background. I was drawn to her white daisy so I used that as my focus of my pillow with an appliqué (2nd rule). There is a great sense of texture in Annie's paintings,so I tried to create that with a triple layer of appliqué and stitching many times around the petals with different threads. On the back of the pillow I added another motivational message (one that gets me inspired). I quilted a bunch of parallel lines to add more texture and movement to the simple white. I used a thin batting for my third layer (3rd rule). And finished it off with a zipper on bottom. I named this Young Daisy playing on Annie's last name "Young".
This is my first time doing a challenge and now I can't wait for the next!


Quilter: HeartSoulMindandStrength

Unfinished Masterpiece

Unfinished Masterpiece

I was inspired by Annie's faith and they way she expressed her belief through her art. I noticed she had many pieces in which the main object was only partially there. I am reminded that my life is a masterpiece unfinished. Every day I am being challenged and changed to become the person God wants me to be. The black squares symbolize the areas of my life which are under construction. I also left the edges of this wall hanging unbound, waiting to be finished. Annie used a lot of texture, and although this picture doesn't show it well, I used texture magic on the center of the flower and I quilted the whole wall hanging heavily to add texture and interest. This 23x18 inch wall hanging was made in AuGres, MI.


Quilter: Janie Kemp

Challenge 3 Annie's Vision 010

Title: Amazing Joy

Location: Central Texas
This small wall hanging, 10" x 11" approx, is for the Project QUILTING Season 4 Challenge 3, Annie's Vision. When I looked at Annie Young's Art I was charmed by her use of vibrant colors and those loopy flowers just called my name! This is the first time I have made a patchwork foundation for the appliqué.

I fused the appliqué on then made multiple rows of stitching around each petal, similar to Annie's use of squiggle paints on her flowers. I had thought about using free motion quilting, but I could advance enough in one week to use it!

I think Annie's Art expresses amazing joy, so that is my title. It was a joy to look at all her paintings and to learn from them.


Quilter: Vroomansquilts

Challenge #3-Annie's Vision

Challenge #3-Annie's Vision

I used the technique of 'fusion' with 2 scraps and various Sulky and CT threads for thread painting. The piece is 9" x 12" and is made completely of scraps. I create in Schoharie NY and I have a post on this process here:


Quilter: liashandmade 

Sunny Days Mug Rug

Sunny Days Mug Rug

Entry for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 3 "Annie's Vision"

This weeks entry was inspired by Annie's painting "Confetti Susan". The flowers of her paintings fit perfectly, because I could finally try out my Dresden ruler and made my first partial Dresden plates for this.

This mug rug was created in Heide, Germany with fabrics from my stash. It measures 25 x 21 cm (10" x 8").

I am blogging at

Don’t forget to vote for your three most favorite quilts this week! More closer looks to come…

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