Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 3 - A Closer Look, Part 2

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It's time for us to take a closer look at 8 more quilted creations made for the Project QUILTING Challenge – Annie’s Vision.  Don't forget to vote for your 3 favorites in the Public Vote! 8 quilted creations made for the 'Annie's Vision' Project QUILTING Challenge

1. The Pasque, 2. Coneflower Confection - detail, 3. Project Quilting Season 4 Week 3, 4. Hearts All Around, 5. Proj. Quilting #3, 6. Naples bag - back, 7. Beauty Unseen, 8. heart wishes

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QUILTER: Debbie in SC

The Pasque

The Pasque

Week 3 Project Quilting Machine applique Pasque flower using trapunto technique to raise the flower. My mother-in-law talked of finding strength in these small delicate flowers that would poke their heads up thru the snow when they were in Alaska. I liked that image of strength. Small banner finished at 12" by 20"


Quilter: For Quilts Sake

Coneflower Confection

Coneflower Confection

"Coneflower Confection"

Made by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Feb. 2013 for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 3, "Annie's Vision."

16.5" x 17.5”

My creative process and how I made it:

The first thing I noticed when I looked at Annie's art was that her painted backgrounds looked similar to some of the hand dyed and hand painted fabric that I had. So I started this challenge by looking through my fabrics to find one that made me think of her backgrounds.

Something else I recognized was that she frequently uses flowers as her subject matter. I decided to make a cone flower because it tied in with the pinkish purple spot in the upper left corner of my background fabric. I fused the flower pieces to the background then made the quilt sandwich so the stitches that hold down the fused fabric are also the quilting stitches.

One of my favorite aspects about Annie's work is how much energy and movement it has. She often goes around her subject matter with many strokes. I immediately thought of mimicking that look but using couched thread instead of paint.

For the petals of the cone flower, I cut the fabric a little larger than I wanted then trimmed it down saving the "outline" which I fused on top of the petals. I stitched them down then couched some thread over the petals echoing the petal shapes. I also couched this yarn in the pinkish purple area in the upper left corner.

Annie's painting "Confetti Susan" has painted confetti on it, which reminded me of seed stitching, so I did some blue seed stitching in the background of the quilt, which also added some texture to this area. Another piece titled "Rug Eyes" looks like it has buttons for the center of the flowers so I added one for the center of my cone flower.

For more information visit my blog:


Quilter: Bungalow Bay Quilts

Project Quilting Season 4 Week 3

My Idea of Me!

23" square.
Machine appliqued and quilted wall quilt, inspired by the work of artist Annie Young.
I quilt and blog in Ontario, Canada.



Quilter: bcampbell3


Hearts All Around

Hearts All Around

I painted several different shades of pink and red with the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate. Heart shapes were sewn to fusible batting and then appliqu├ęd to the textured surface, created with Texture Magic. The borders and binding were applied using traditional piecing techniques.


Quilter: KrisTMJ

Project Quilting season 4 #3 = Sew Sunshine

Sew Sunshine

I made Sew Sunshine with paper-piecing the sun blades, adding bits of mono-print fabric and water color tissue paper. I used several of the hand dyed fabrics I made in a class last year and was afraid to even cut into! I did improv piecing for a strip in the back and the borders. Quilting in a spiral with YLI thread 40 weight for the first time. Sew sunshine measures 21w x 19.75 long. I created this in good old Ne.


Quilter: laurabmundy

Naples bag - front

Naples Shopping Bag

This is my contribution to the Annie's Vision challenge this week. I call it my Naples shopping bag. The artwork I used for my inspiration was Annie Young's "Under the Naples Sky". I fell in love with the blues in this lovely piece.

When I think of Naples, I think of open air markets and bazaars. What better way to segue from this fabulous art to a fun and funky shopping bag to use at the open air market. I used batik prints that are reminiscent of Annie's art, and added a splash of color to set it apart.

There is minimal quilting on this piece, but it is quilted. I modified a pattern by Nancy Green for this piece. Her item was a lined bag that looked quilted. My bag is quilted. I used stitch in the ditch method for this. I did not do any further quilting on this piece as I did not wish to detract from the batik print I used as the main body of the bag.

the dimensions... 12" x 13" x 3 1/2"


Quilter: everything quilts

Beauty Unseen

Beauty Unseen

Have you ever just closed your eyes and tried to see the real beauty around you. Like the sun on your face, the breeze through your hair or the song of the birds, the smell of the flowers, the laughter of a child, the softness of a kind word? Or did it take you somewhere further? Our Project Quilting Challenge this week was to be inspired by an amazing woman Annie Young. She's a painter, but not any painter she is blind. So, I read her blog, watched her videos and I had to put myself in her world. I asked myself "does it really matter if the bedspread matches the curtains, or if there is crown molding around the walls, or what color I'll wear today?" Unseen Beauty, This is what I named my project this week. I named it that because the MOST BEAUTIFUL of all things can't been seen at all. Many spend too much time worry about all the little things (they are just things) in their life that don't really even matter when we should be focusing on the most important things, that aren't things at all.

First I choose this painting for my inspiration because I feel the colors live in great harmony with each other. I also forgot to add that this was made in Madisonville KY. and measures 6"x8"
Blogged 02/beauty-un...

I wrote a little ditty to go with my piece this week Unseen Beauty!
Like rain to the flowers,
Is love to our souls.
Sow seeds of kindness,
and a beautiful garden you'll


Quilter: Lucky Duck Dreams

heart wishes

heart wishes

Project Quilting Challenge #3 Front of bag inspired by #projectquilting and @persimondreams

Playing with scraps and thread painting for challenge #3 for #projectquilting. I started with 8.5" squares of lightweight canvas for a foundation and middle. Just picked scraps and flipped and sewed, not worried about raw edges showing. Hand cut hearts from scraps and thread painted on. Last added thread painted words.


Don’t forget to vote for your three most favorite quilts this week! More closer looks to come…(in fact I’m going to try to get a second one done tonight…)

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