Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 3 – A Closer Look, Part 4

It’s already time for us to take yet another closer look at 8 more quilted creations made for the Project QUILTING Challenge – Annie’s Vision. Don’t forget to vote for your 3 favorites in the Public Vote!

7 quilted creations made for the Project QUILTING annie's Voice Challenge
1. Trust, 2. Tree of Love by Sally's Angelworks, 3. Left, 4. Annie's vision PQ challenge, 5. bondprick detalj, 6. A Garden for All, 7. Spring Fever 3, 8. projectquilting Created with fd's Flickr Toys

Quilters: Shout4Joy



This small quilt 12" X 7" was created in Muskegon, MI.

I was inspired by the flowers and colors and the sayings on Annie's blog, so I worked this one up with batiks - the saturated colors just spoke to me of Annie's choices in her paintings.

I used Fusible, Raw Edge Applique on this piece and a pigment pen for the lettering. It is quilted with a diagonal grid using Monopoly thread.

Here is my blog post finishing it all up


Quilter:  Sally’s Angelworks

Tree of Love by Sally's Angelworks

Tree of Love by Sally's Angelworks

This week, I kept going back to her piece called forest angel. This tree just poured out onto did the verse at the end of the post: "We love because He first loved us." I John 4:19 It's amazing to think that our love is a response to all of the amazing love He pours out on us every minute of every day!!

I am super excited about this quilt that I made. I wanted to use fabrics that had lots of patterns that were near and dear to my heart. I've been hoarding these fabrics, so instead of cutting them up in little pieces, I made big 18x18in blocks with some random pieces stuck in there.

I had been working on hexies just randomly when I could, so I grabbed those to work as "leaves". I also wanted to sew some curved seams to prove to myself I could do it!! LOL!! So I made a tree trunk with curved seams. For the top of the tree...a big flower, made out of strips of fabric sewn into a big hexie with a ruffled group of little bitty strips making the flower part...

For my quilting, I took a quick gander at a Leah Day video on how to do tree bark ! Love how that turned out...I also quilted around all of the hexies as branches and continued the branch quilting all throughout the quilt!!

This quilt was made in Texas and measures 74"x54".


Quilter: WayMooreFunQuilts

whole piece

they will be like great oaks

This triptych is my homage to Annie's piece entitled "Fallen." It is called "...they will be like great oaks" from the scripture she quoted in Isaiah beside this piece on her blog. While all of her art is wonderful and arresting, Fallen, in particular, drew me in as I love Autumn and it's wild show of color. I used batiks throughout with solid black as the shadow. It is 6-1/2 x 18". It is raw-edge applique with patchwork sashing between the panels. It was made in Tucson, Arizona.


Quilter: erinrebeccaz


Hope is the thing with feathers

my quilt is called "hope is the thing with feathers," and i named it after an emily dickinson poem that i love. the thing that inspired me the most about annie's work is that she has overcome a seemingly hopeless situation. i myself have recently faced incredibly difficult situations, and am still learning how to navigate them. things are looking up, though, and i don't know how i would have survived without hope, so that's the theme i decided to use for this project. this emily dickinson poem has been one of my favorites, so i decided to make it into a quilt for this challenge. the fabric with the birds on it is one that my beloved aunt cordelia gave me, and i've been dying to use it for several years now. thanks for giving me the opportunity to do so!

the quilt is about 24" X 18" and -- as always -- i live and create in central PA.
hope is the thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without the words
and never stops at all
and sweetest in the gale is heard
and sore must be the storm
that could abash the little bird
that kept so many warm
i've heard it in the chillest land
and on the strangest sea
yet never in extremity
it asked a crumb of me
- emily dickinson

erin z.



Quilter: rutigtBondprickBondprick

Project Quilting, challenge 3 and this time I´m gonna do it right :)
My name is Gun and I´m from Sweden.
When I looked at Annie Young´s way to paint, all I could see was dots. Monday I was thinking "patchwork and applique, patchwork and applique......" Then I decided to sew a table runner with lots of polka dots fabrics on. The table runner is 12" x 28,5" and I named it "Farmer´s Polka Dots" (Bondprick in swedish).


Quilter: KateCC

A Garden for All

A Garden for All

This my block for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 3: Inspired by art from Annie Young. One of the things I first noticed about Annie’s art work is her use of bold color. The backgrounds are bold, the images are often bold but it all works together. The second I noticed was the texture. Her works feels tactile. You want to reach out and touch it- kind of like a quilt.
So I wanted my quilt to have color and texture. I found a quote on her blog by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross: if we make our goal to live a life of compassion and unconditional love, then the world will indeed become a garden where all kinds of flowers can bloom and grow.

So here is my garden: will all kinds of different flowers blooming and growing. There is a dimensional star flower, a heart yo-yo flower and the stems were made by braiding 7 strands of different yarns and floss together.
Quilt is 12" x 13"- made in Littleton, CO.


Quilter:  Sew Incredible Crazy

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

When, I was looking over Annie Young Arts, I was inspired by her gorgeous art. The colors were so beautiful and vibrant. I thought that how would one of her beautiful flower pictures look from the side. I call my version, Spring Fever. It is 13"x18" by Amy @ in Colorado.

Don’t forget to vote for your three most favorite quilts this week! Just one more closer look to come…

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