Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 3 – A Closer Look Part 5

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.  We have something fun planned that is MUCH NEEDED for our family – I’ll share later what it is.  Before we get to the fun I want to share with you all 7 more quilts made for the Project QUILTING Challenge – Annie’s Vision. Don’t forget, there’s still time to vote for your 3 favorites in the Public Vote and be sure to tell your family and friends to do the same!

7 quilts created for the Project QUILTING Annie's Vision Challenge 1. Truth Between Friends, 2. Sunflowers Make Me Happy created for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 3 Annice's Vision, 3. "Mushrooms Having Fungi" - Project Quilting (S4, challenge 3), 4. Forest Angel in Beads, 5. Philipians 4:13, 6. Poppies Dancing in the Wind, 7. projectquilting, 8. Mama's Garden Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: tjtruesdale

Truth Between Friends

Truth Between Friends

This is my Annie Young inspired quilt. It is a reproduction of "Chasm of Truth" or "Truth Between Friends". It is my first art interpretation quilt. I used a batik FQ set from my stash. It is 49x64. I wrote my first entire blog(also a new adventure for me) about this quilt here: (hope I linked it right)


Quilter: Diane Lapacek

Sunflowers Make Me Happy  created for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 3 Annice's Vision

Sunflowers Make Me Happy

I recently got involved in a Sunflower Block Exchange and we have a sunflower patch at Lapacek's Orchard for kids to play in, so I knew I wanted to use a sunflower for the Annie's Vision challenge.

I've been using "shreds" to make flowers for awhile and I thought they'd work great here. So I cut some yellow/gold shreds into short pieces and sewed them in layers around the perimeter of a circle. Brown shreds were looped and sewn down for the sunflower center. Assorted fibers and some green shreds were loosely woven to create the stem and snippets of green were layered between water soluble stabilizer and stitched for the leaves.

I was a little nuts for doing something this large, but felt it was the size it needed to be. It has lots of texture with everything appliqued to a piece of my own hand dyed fabric.

Finished size 26" x 45".
Created by Diane Lapacek in Poynette, WI.


Quilter: Christie, Describe Happy

"Mushrooms Having Fungi" - Project Quilting (S4, challenge 3)

"Mushrooms Having Fungi"

Project Quilting, Season 4; Challenge 3 was to make a quilt inspired by the work of Annie Young ( She's so inspiring!!

I decided to leverage her style of a mono color textural backgrounds and a focus on something from the garden: three red mushrooms. I pieced the green background, used reverse appliqué for the mushroom caps, raw edge appliqué for the stems, and then free motion quilted grass blades in a few color greens. The quilt is three layers and is finished with a pillowcase edge. I've been excited about creating a mushroom quilt for so long and it was so nice to finally see one realized!!

Thanks!! Christie in NY

Quilter: Quilties

Forest Angel in Beads

Forest Angel in Beads

Project Quilting Entry, based on Annie Young's Painting.
Size 4" x 8"
Made by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, Urbandale, IA


Quilter: mrswickman

Philipians 4:13

Philippians 4:13

This is my second time posting this picture. I just accidently deleted it (because I put it in the wrong group) Anyway, this project was name Philippians 4:13, because beneath the pink square is the Bible verse. It was a project with much frustration. Small as it is. I used colorfast inkjet fabric sheets, and it did not turn out well. Long story. Anyway, I was inspired by the batiks, nature, and Annie's faith. If I have time this week I will add a cross or a flower. This was made in Appleton WI, and it originally was going to be a small wall hanging, but may be a baby place mat now :)

I just had to add to the challenge, not happy with it, feeling a bit better now. I added a colorfast inkjet sheet of a pansy (favorite flower) and hand stitched the blanket stitch with rayon thread.


Quilter: Lynthemuse

Poppies Dancing in the Wind

Poppies Dancing in the Wind

Challenge #3 Season 4
The poppy flower heads were made purely out of thread on a hoop with tule in it. Thread painting is so freeing and relaxing for me. After I create the flower heads, I cut them out of the tule and satin stich them onto my hand dyed fabric and add the stems and leaves. The "wind" is angelina fibers mixed and ironed flat. I cut the angelina into the swirls and sew them on the background before adding the flowers and detail. After quilting it, I then cut my piece to the shape I want and do a reverse binding so the edges can be shaped anyway I want. This method of binding requires a piece of fabric as large as your quilted piece and is sewn onto the back of the piece. You then cut a slit in the "binding" and roll it to the front, cutting it to the width you want to show on the front and hand sew it down. This was a very fun and inspiring challenge. This piece is smaller then most of my work that isn't a fiber postcard! It is 10 x 12.


Quilter: sewshaz

Mama's Garden

Mama's Garden

Project Quilting, Season 4 #3: Annie Young: My entry is late! The idea behind this quilt was “It is not Spring yet. I need it to be Spring. We need flowers.” If I’d given myself more time to finish this quilt there would have been tons more embroidery. The challenge for the week was to draw inspiration from Annie Young’s work. Her art work has lots of texture. Embroidery can do that for a quilt. I liked the idea of just outlining simple shapes with a stitch that had a lot of feel to it.
I did a machine binding this time, I usually prefer to hand sew them. I’m now convinced that hand sewing is better. I will also set a size limit in the future, I’m thinking 8″x10″ or 10″x10″, that I think I can do in a week (this quilt was 40″x40″). What really got me going on this project was that I would use some of my favorite fabrics, scraps that I’ve been holding onto for ages now have a place in our house. There are cats stalking the bird too, so there’s some drama.

Don’t forget to vote for your three most favorite quilts this week!  The FOURTH challenge will go up on Sunday, February 17th!


  1. Quilter: Lynthemuse talked about using reverse binding. Could you do a post on how that works? I tried googling it and can't seem to find a tutorial on the technique.

  2. Hi Sandra! I've never done reverse binding but I do believe someone did it during an earlier project quilting challenge and linked up to a good tutorial for it...I'm looking now...

  3. Okay - I found what I was thinking of - this is called 'invisible binding': Solar Threads used it on her Ombre quilt in the last challenge. Here's the blog she saw it on:

  4. Thanks Kim! I learned a lot!

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