Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 3 – A Closer Look, Part 3

It's already time for us to take yet another closer look at 8 more quilted creations made for the Project QUILTING Challenge – Annie’s Vision. Don't forget to vote for your 3 favorites in the Public Vote!

8 quilted creations made for the Project QUILTING Challenge Annie's Vision
1. 11375_4732396705581_226146029_n, 2. Batik String Pillow, 3. "Leafing Out", 4. grow, 5. After Annie's Big Love (detail), 6. Sunset Reflection on Lake - Close up - Bev Ann Victory, 7. Re-Birth close-up, 8. Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 3 Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: Cotton N Lace


Wall Flowers

Proj. Quilt 4 ch.3
Annies Vision
By; Amanda Reid...South Africa
Name: Wall flowers

I was inspired by Annies painting 'Lolliteen Gang'...very challenging!...Batik is a favourite and for the flower I used bits of scraps...and cotton ect...then sewed a piece of tulle to hold it all in place...applique done 'roughly' by her 'free motion' paint strokes. The patchwork below looked like a brick wall so decided on the name.


Quilter: Carlotta Jean



Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 3, Annie's Vision
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas

Quilter: Marcia’s Crafty Sewing and Quilting

"Leafing Out"

"Leafing Out"

Marcia Wachuta
Boscobel, Wisconsin

I decided to challenge myself by leafing out and using the color GREEN! --- Not Blue!

This week's challenge was to be inspired by Annie Young and her beautiful art work. It is very obvious that she loves what she does.

My creation for this week needed to be something I love to do:

I love to make "free form" quilts.

I love to work with blue fabrics, but I decided to work with a color that challenges me - greens. I do not like the color green and I have a hard time matching greens.

I quilted my table runner with small meandering with leaves and swirls. I call it "Meandering with a Twist". It is my most favorite quilting. It looks traditional, yet has a modern twist with the addition of the leaves.

I shared the construction of the quilt top on my blog.


Quilter: SweetBoaterChick

Batik String Pillow

Batik String Pillow

I came up with my idea for this from Anne's Peace, Love, and Happiness works. There was something about the colors and the lines.
So I pulled out my batik scrap boxes and then pulled every strip and string from the boxes. I pieced and pieced and then added some more and had no idea what I was making with it. Then I realized how nice a quilted batik pillow case would look with my Tetris quilt when I flipped it over. So I added in a few more strips one way and then some to make it a little longer and it was ready to be quilted. Just some random squiggly lines here and there and I made it into my pillow case.
I created this in my home in Lanoka Harbor, NJ.


Quilter:  unconventional katie

Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 3

Portrait of a Tulip

Title: Portrait of a Tulip
Size: 9" x 21"
Created in Moorhead, MN

This is probably one of my most favorite things I have sewn. I based the background off of Annie's piece The Listening Field. Her work involves a lot of flowers and since I also love flowers, I made that the focus here.

Because this is an art piece versus a functional quilt, I bound it in a non-traditional manner by zig zagging the edges. It is sandwiched like a traditional quilt and then free motion stitched.


Quilter: sharonhuismith

Re-Birth by Sharon S. Project Quilting 4.3

Re-Birth by Sharon S. Project Quilting 4.3

I am so inspired by Annie Young's artwork! Her messages of faith, hope, and perseverance are so encouraging! I was especially encouraged by the message with the painting "Princess Zoe" about the caterpillar becoming a butterfly and living fully. The corresponding quote from Nelson Mandela spoke right to my heart to be free of anything that holds me back from being all that God has created me to be. Since Annie displays her faith in her artwork, I challenged myself to do the same. I reflected much more about the life of a caterpillar and the re-birth it has when it comes out of its cocoon as a beautiful butterfly. It reminds me of how I've been born again as a Christian and the complete freedom and beauty this new life in Christ gives me. I've never thought of the caterpillar and butterfly in this way before. It now has a very special meaning for me. I wanted to reflect the joy and freedom I imagined a butterfly would feel coming out of the cocoon - or how I feel when I confess my sin and find forgiveness and joy....I feel FREE and, if I could, I would soar through the sky like a butterfly!

I'm also inspired by the freedom Annie, herself, expresses as an artist. She doesn't let her blindness hold her back, but has embraced it and grown stronger through it....similar to a caterpillar who has to work hard to find the freedom and joy to fly as a butterfly! She is a strong and courageous woman!

My artistic process: I was drawn to the texture in Annie's paintings, and especially the use of white in the midst of vibrant colors. It looks almost like the paint was removed to expose the white canvas beneath. On another level, this can reflect how God makes us clean by removing what's not needed. I wanted to show this in my quilting. I used a blue and purple batik for the background that reminded me of a watercolor. I had butterfly fabric from Valerie Wells' line "Cocoon" with butterflies outlined in white. I cut them out and attached them to the blue fabric. I added two layers of white fabric beneath the blue behind one butterfly. I outlined this butterfly twice, leaving space between the lines. I then cut away the blue fabric and the top layer of white to reveal the white beneath it and to create depth. I appliqued the other two butterflies with white shiny Art thread. I added white flying trails behind each butterfly as well as antennas. I added batting and backed my piece with a bright blue batik, laid on the bias to avoid a pattern on the binding, I used purple thread since it is one of Annie's favorite colors and to pull in the purple from the background. Annie uses words in her paintings that point us to God. I decided to add words for each butterfly, as if they are soaring through the wind and their whole beings are rejoicing at being free. I wrote the words with a purple fabric marker on white fabric and stitched them on with purple thread. I added random rounded quilting across the background of the quilt. I attached a "stained glass" cross to the back of the piece and appliqued it with purple thread so that the cross shows on the front right corner. I think this will become my new trademark!
I really appreciate that Annie points us to Christ in her artwork. I have been wanting to make a series of art quilts for church and this was just the extra push I needed. Thank you!

This piece measures 22" x 18" and was made in MI.

New techniques: cutting layers away, Art thread, using words, blanket stitch (tried and tried to use a purple shiny thread but my machine wasn't cooperating!)


Quilter: Bev Ann

Sunset Reflection on Lake - Bev Ann Victory

Sunset Reflection on Lake - Bev Ann Victory

Sunset Reflection on Lake - Challenge # 3

Made in Brazos Country, TX by Bev Ann Victory. I loved using Annie Young's Art as inspiration and titled this small wall hanging/quilt "Sunset Reflection on Lake." Size is 15.5 x 9.5. For more information you can look at my blog - This is now my 3rd challenge and my third quilt - my husband is so proud of me and that makes me feel very good. He even thought he saw fish in the lake! Gotta love him!


Quilter: QuiltChicken

After Annie's Big Love

After Annie's Big Love

This challenge piece was inspired by Annie Young's artwork. Since it's the week of Valentine's day, I used Annie's piece "Big Love" as my inspiration.

The 11.5" x 16" piece is made from cotton fabrics fused together. I made confetti from fabric scraps and fused them into the rivers of color and shading. Then, I thread painted all over, and bound it in a lively stripe.

Project Quilting season 4, challenge 3
Made by Trisha Frankland - partially made at home in Lodi WI, and completed on retreat at the Jones Mansion in Mineral Point WI.


Don’t forget to vote for your three most favorite quilts this week! More closer looks to come…

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