Square to Spare?

I have been amazed and touched from all the generosity and sincere excitement so many have shown to my daughter Capri for the little quilt project I’m putting together for her birthday.  I can tell you – she’s going to be ecstatic!


I put the blocks up on my design wall today to see what I was working with – this quilt is going to be fabulous!  There are still a few blocks on their way and I may still have to make mine for her.  I think I’m also going to try to get her big and little sisters hand prints on one or…let me know if you have an idea on what a 21 month and 6 year old could do…

Anyway – I’m writing to you tonight to ask again for your generosity for a friend many of you are familiar with now – Annie Young of Annie Young Arts.


Square to Spare?


Thanks so much for following AND for participating in Kim’s projecting quilting challenge!


I forgot this favor and given that you have a great deal in front of you…I will take no offense if you don’t have the time.


I am asking everyone if they have a ‘square to spare’ if they can sent it to me so that I can ask my quilting circle friends at church to sew together a baby quilt.  I’d like to then donate the quilt to a local organization to be used as a fund raiser…MORE TO COME on that.  I first need the squares!


Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated!!!


Thanks in advance~


Here is my address:

Annie Young

1744 Riverwood Dr

Burnsville MN 55337

Heart Block for the My Favorite Block Quilt Along

For my ‘Square to Spare’ I’m going to for sure send this special heart block I made using the tutorial from For Quilts Sake for the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’.  I also think that I can find a couple of ‘orphan blocks’ that I can add to my package.  Whatever you can do is fantastic!  I’m don’t think there is a deadline as quilts will be made and finished as enough blocks arrive for each quilt.  If that changes – I’ll be sure to keep you posted!


I wanted to end this with a picture of Capri from today.  While I was working on my Project QUILTING Challenge quilt Capri was tucked away under the stairs in her work area and creating things.  She has been really into books lately – I’ll be photo-ing one of her stories in the next few days to share with you.  But this is a quick picture I snapped for instagram – she made an apple by cutting out papers, decorating them, and then taping (or glueing – she used some sort of adhesive anyway) down.  Then she strung beads onto a string and taped that to the paper so she could have her picture hanging from her bracelet.  I love how she ‘thinks outside the square’ without a second thought – I can’t wait to see what comes from all this!


  1. Can it be any size quilt block?

  2. Yes! I would probably stick to 12.5" or smaller. I'm going to be sending mostly 12.5" blocks I think.

  3. I have a few 6 inch blocks that I can send along and you can add them to what ever quilt that you like . today is March 5, I am I to late. Let me know as I was planning to mail them on Thursday .


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