A Closer Look, Part 1 - Project QUILTING Challenge Hooray for Spring

It is that time again!  We all browse through the flickr group but may not take the time to read about each quilt that was made for the Project QUILTING Challenges.  I love these ‘Closer Looks’ because it reminds me that there’s more to a quilt than just what you see when you look at the picture – there’s a story behind it, an inspiration, a new technique, a journey.


And with that – let’s take a closer look at eight of the quilts made for the ‘Hooray for Spring’ Project QUILTING Challenge!mosaicd11f1e544406b616515760115dd02eaaff6674a3
1. Quilt 16 - Is It Spring Yet - Nursing Home #4 - Front, 2. Tweet Dreams Baby Quilt detail, 3. Texas Wildflowers, 4. When Clematis Bloom, 5. Rain Drops Keep Falling, 6. Sing In Spring, 7. PQ 4 CH 6, 8. Early Spring


Quilter: Slightly Off Quilter

Quilt 16 - Is It Spring Yet - Nursing Home #4 - Front

Is It Spring Yet?

Spring to me means pastel colors and flowers and blue skies ! Though being in NY our first say of spring still looks an awful lot like winter still =[ I have to say that I honestly think that this is probably my favorite finish to date. I just love how it came out and I have to admit that I want to keep this one to myself LOL but as my husband said, #1 we do not need a small lap quilt nor do we have any expecting friends or family who could use a baby quilt, and #2 it is bound to make some wonderful lady at the nursing home a VERY happy wonderful lady. He sure does know that I love making others happy far more then I like to make myself happy. Is part of why I love him so much !

I used the tube quilt technique found over at A Bright Corner. This tutorial was so easy to follow that my son is actually is using it to make his very own first quilt with ! Will post pictures of that once he gets the top pieced together !

The fabrics came from my stash and I actually used a small fat quarter bundle and used my accu-quilt to cut it into strips instead of a jelly roll because I just loved these fabrics together.

I quilted the colored triangles with free handed ( meaning I did not mark the quilt first ) free motion designs. The blue is done with a frond / leaf type design and the pink is done with radiating spiral swirls. I have to admit it was terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time

I filled the white spaces with stippling to match the fabric ( it is a white on white stipple design fabric )

The backing is flannel and it could not have been a more perfect match for this quilt ! I used some solid pink from my stash for binding.

I know that most of those that enter Project Quilting have years more experience then my mere 4 months but I enjoy participating and learning to challenge myself while learning. I also have to admit that seeing the other entries each challenge leave me in awe and inspired to push my own comfort levels, so while I may not win the challenge, I still consider myself a winner to myself for having the courage to enter into the fray with the amazing quilters that do as well !

This quilt will be sent off to my mom to give away to one of her residents at the nursing home next week. I know someone is going to have a very happy easter !

Title : Is It Spring Yet ?

Finished : March 20, 2013 ( I know it says the picture was taken in 2009 but my camera resets the date every time I change the batteries and I never remember to reset it lol )

Made in Dover Plains, NY

I have entered the challenges previously as Feeding The Dogs ( challenge # 1 LaLa and # 4 Modern Country ) , due to some unfortunate technical and hacking incidents I needed to change some things around and am now Slightly Off LOL



Quilter: ForQuiltsSake 

Tweet Dreams BabyQuilt

"Tweet Dreams"

Made by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Mar. 2013 for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 6, "Hurray for Spring."

30" x 30"

My creative process and how I made it:

For this quilt I cut six hand-dyed pastel fat quarters so I had six 5" squares (finished size) and pieced them together.

I made five flowers with stems and a sweet little bird that I machine appliqued with a variegated pastel rainbow thread.

I quilted 'x'es through the top four rows of squares then echo quilted around the flowers and birds using the same variegated pastel rainbow thread.

The backing fabric is yellow with orange, green, blue and purple butterflies on it. The binding is pieced with the hand-dyed pastel fabric.

For more info visit my blog at:


Quilter: Isabella’s Whimsy

Texas Wildflowers

Texas Wildflowers

Hooray for Spring! I don't know any people who look forward to their spring wildflowers than Texans look forward to bluebonnets! Every spring families and friends troop out to the flowers, plunk themselves down (after scaring away the rattlesnakes), smile and say "Cheese" (or "Howdy") for the traditional bluebonnet photos.

For the Project QUILTING Season 4, Challenge 6: Hooray Spring, I used a picture from last spring as the inspiration for this 12' X 14" wall quilt. This is the first project that I have totally used the machine, except for finishing the binding. So, even though the machine quilting is very simple, it's a good beginning.

Where was this made, you say? Well, deep in the heart of Texas!


Quilter: Debbie in SC

When Clematis Bloom

When Clematis Bloom

When Clematis bloom for Project Quilting Table runner is 16" by 30". machine appliqued with some decorative stitching on the blooms. I was inspired by my favorite Clematis vine from my garden. Lots of machine quilting in the center for texture.



Quilter: Pastor Katie Bishop

Rain Drops Keep Falling

Rain Drops Keep Falling

So I have a love-hate relationship with rain. I love the new life it brings - both outside my house and in as I have time to tidy up, snuggle up, and rest up!

But I hate the way my German Shepherd, hubby, and daughter Eden track mud everywhere!
And that I can't go outside without getting soaked.
And that it ruins any chance of the park.

But either way, when I think of spring, I think of RAIN!

So here is my daughter Eden, going for a walk in the rain. (In real life she rarely uses an umbrella! She loves the rain!).

I like the purple/green fabric for the background to give a different color for the rainy sky and the added threading on the bottom to make puddles.

This project is 8.5 x 13 and made in Brunswick, MD


Quilter: vroomansquilt

Sing In Spring

Sing In Spring

I used a method of flip-n-sew to quilt a cross stitch of seasonal birds setting up housekeeping in our blooming orchard. Added bead work and specialty stitching and hand quilting for finishing. The process can be found here:

"Sing in Spring" created by Sharon V at VroomansQuilts in Schoharie NY - finished size 12.5" sq.


Quilter: Cotton N Lace

PQ 4 CH 6

Hooray For Summer

By Amanda Reid South Africa
Size; 14.5"x16"
In South Africa we going into our Autumn now..but even still we have fields of Cosmos flowers blooming in Spring..Summer and now..Autumn...travelling along the roads is just a mass of cherise pink and white either side.
This is my first time doing Confetti quilting (have scissor blisters!)..lots of cutting bits and pieces but for the last challenge why not give it a go!...The sky is fabric painted blue bits with a white voile material which is folded and kinked then quilted...the mountains are a batik fabric..oh..the hair!!..that's some lumpy kind of wool that I stitched by hand here and there and a bit of material glue..the eye is stuck on too!


Quilter: Rutigt

Early Spring

Early Spring

Project Quilting, challenge "Hurray For Spring"!
We still have winter and snow. I sew a wall hanging quilt and called it "Early Spring", cause it feels like spring is so far away this year. So this quilt is the nearest spring I am now :) The quilt is 15" x 15".
Gun A, Alunda, Sweden


Eight amazing quilts!  Maybe a few of these caught your eye?  Having a difficult time picking your three favorites for the public vote?  Hopefully these closer looks help – be sure to head over to the voting blog HERE to cast your vote for your three favorite quilts!

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