A Closer Look, Part 4 – Project QUILTING Challenge Hooray for Spring

Happy Saturday everyone!  We have 10 more quilts we need to look at (9 are eligible for the Public Vote).  Enjoy!

mosaic9640fca64c38497d4e2cc6b11464920d772eae461. Anticipation closeup, 2. Dynamic vision, 3. new beginnings, 4. Spring has sprung!, 5. Leaping Lizards, 6. In Bloom, 7. Preparing the Nest, 8. Spring has Sprung in Rehab, 9. Window with a View, 10. Hello Spring??? created for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 6 Hurray for Spring

Quilter:  HeartSoulMindandStrength



Here in AuGres, MI it seems hard to believe Spring will arrive. Lately it seems the groundhog must have been an imposter! I know from years past, that Spring will arrive and so I created this wallhanging using reverse Machine Applique for the flower and machine applique for the dragonflies. The flower is peeking through the top fabric, just like flowers will finally start peeking through this fozen, white ground. Dragonflies always remind me of joy that comes with Spring and warmth, as they flit along the water. Anticipation is 21x17.5

Quilter: Moran Quilts

Dynamic vision

Dynamic Vision

Catherine from Moran Art and Quilts
Columbus, OH

My vision for this project started with this wonderful flower shape. I knew I wanted to use white and add some details with thread. For the background I chose beautiful batiks and just started piecing shapes together. In the process I'll cut the sewn shapes and sew them back together after turning them or I might cut on the diagonal to add some movement to the piece. After I'm satisfied with the background I'll add the applique. I added some details with a zigzag stitch in white and then decided it didn't stand out enough so added more in a purple thread. All in all I'm very pleased with the results and can't wait for spring! This piece is 19"x22.5"

Quilter: erinrebeccaz

new beginnings

new beginnings

this wall quilt, made to resemble a kite, is appx 13" X 13" and was lovingly made in my home in duncannon, PA. blogged here: wonkierthanthou.blogspot.com/2013/03/think-spring_25.html

i wanted to focus on hand embellishment for this challenge, and originally had plans to do a lot more, but i found out that hand embellishment is VERY time-consuming!!! i ended up doing beads and hand stitching around the swallows, and making "shisha mirrors" in each corner.

the swallows are an image i have loved for years (i actually have them tattooed on my body.) and i thought they were perfect for this project quilting challenge to celebrate spring, becuase the meaning of this image is "new beginnings." i thought the flying geese border would be a nice compliment to these birds in flight.

i still have a few chores to get done this morning before i go in to work tonight, so i decided to zig-zag stitch the edges rather than making a formal binding, but i actually kind of like the way it turned out!

i might eventually add a tail to make it look more like a kite, but right now i need to go to the grocery store :) thanks for reading!

Quilter: KateCC

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has Sprung!

Project Quilting Challenge 6- I really wanted to do something other than flowers... I kept going back to the idea of a spring- coiled, waiting to pop! So this is my version of the explosion of spring colors. I did not have enough pinks so I added corals which I really love- I actually think that it looks more like a watermelon! But still, bright and fun. The white was a last minute addition to the plan since it snowed yesterday as I made this! Spring snow. We actually got quite a bit!
Made in Littleton CO. 28" x 34".

Quilter: LyntheMuse

Leaping Lizards

Leaping Lizards

Layered fabrics of different colors, each layer is cut and sewn down to create a multi leveled piece. It is a traditional way of quilting in South America.
I live near Shelton Washington and have been quilting forever! I love trying new things and the gals in my Red Hat group (we are all quilters) got together and we all made one! I know there is a name for the process but I just can't think of it right now! Senior moment!

Quilter: liashandmades

In Bloom

In Bloom

Entry for Project Quilting, Season 4, Challenge 6 "Hurray For Spring"

I created a small wall hanging for this challenge. Daffodils are usually the first flowers to appear in our garden for spring and we have different variations and types.
The daffodils on this wall-hanging were created with the Kanzashi technique and yo-yo's. I free-motion-quilted the whole piece with my machine, which is something I've never done before and it shows in some of the not so round swirls. The stems were done in satin stitch, the bunch of leaves and grass were appliqued on with machine, then the daffodils were stitched on by hand. I also machine-stitched on the binding.

This piece was created in Heide, Germany with fabrics from my stash. It measures 33 x 44 cm (13 wide x 17 1/4" high) .

I'm blogging at liashandmades.blogspot.de


Quilter:  Carlotta Jean

Preparing the Nest

Preparing the Nest

Preparing the Nest

Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 6–Hurray For Spring!

Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas


Size 37"x 51"
Baby Quilt

Time was not on my side this week and I had to design something I could sew on the go. English Paper Piecing was perfect. The hexagons are scrappy spring fabrics. Applique and machine embroidery were other techniques used. Quilting is a large zig zag both horizontal and vertical.

Quilter: tjtruesdale

Spring has Sprung in Rehab

Spring has Sprung in Rehab

My quilt is 60 x 60 and is made of a Jelly Rolls and 2 1/2 charm packs. This is actually the same material from my 1st quilt!!! And finished just in time and made in Rainy old SC. This has been a hard week for me and you can read about it and the quilt plus some @ fosteringothers.blogspot.com/?m=1. Thanks for doing this challenge. All my quilts gone to good homes already!!!

Quilter: TexasB13

Window with a View

Window with a View

Bluebonnets photo I took last Spring. Transferred onto printable fabric and cut into four sections. Framed window around photo sections, stitched in the ditch around photos, stitches around outside edge. My window with a view at the wildflowers.
(Had this idea all week, finally had time to start Saturday, learned a bit from this one...lol)

Barbara McBride
Cottonwood Shores, Texas

Texas B13 (Flkr.com)
(formerly, blooking)


Diane’s not eligible for prizes…but still take a ‘Closer Look’.

Quilter:  Diane Lapacek

Hello Spring???  created for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 6 Hurray for Spring

Hello Spring??? created for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 6 Hurray for Spring

I've been craving spring and spring to me (and Lapacek's Orchard) means apple blossoms, so I made a tree in full bloom. Hopefully we'll be seeing full bloom here about Mother's Day.

I started with hand dyes for the background, then added shreds of brown for a tree trunk and snippets of pinks and whites for the blossoms. I placed a piece of water soluble stabilizer on top and added lots of free motion machine quilting to hold all the little pieces in place, then wet everything to remove the stabilizer.

Finished size 13" x 14".
Created by Diane Lapacek in Poynette, WI.

TEN more fabulous quilts!  Maybe a few of these caught your eye?  Having a difficult time picking your three favorites for the public vote?  Hopefully these closer looks help – be sure to head over to the voting blog HERE to cast your vote for your three favorite quilts!

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