Celebrate Spring–Some Mid-Week Project QUILTING Inspiration

Last night I was slightly stressed out.  I was starting to put together my weekly email to tell everyone about the last Project QUILTING Challenge of the season when…

‘Website not found’.  What!?   My website is going?  I tried a different browser – same thing.  Ipad – same thing.  Downstairs computer – still nothing.  I am completely illiterate when it comes to computers so first I went to wordpress help.  A nice person there told me to check my host server or something.  So I went there and sure enough – an outage was happening at my center.  It looks like they worked on it all night and it’s now back up.  Fingers crossed that it will stay up.  So – in case of an emergency – I did start up a quick and dirty blogspot website:  www.persimondreams.blogspot.com.  But hopefully this won’t happen again.

If you still haven’t been inspired by the ‘Hooray for Spring’ theme I wanted to share with you the quilt that put this idea into Diane’s head in the first place.


Diane Lapacek created this quilt ‘Celebrate Spring’ for the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilter’s Quilt Show Challenge.  Diane’s quilt is a 3-dimensional daffodil made out of hand-dyed fabric and quilted.  She put it over a dark background to emulate a daffodil first blossoming in the spring.  This quilt is truly amazing and if you’re in the Sun Prairie area April 7th – 9th I highly recommend you try to go to the show to see it in person.

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