Facebook Update March 18th

Since I’m a regular poster on Facebook I forget that not all my family and friends are on there.  So every week or two I’ll try to catch up on all the fun that I’ve been sharing on Facebook!

avenueFor YEARS I’ve heard that the Avenue Bar has the BEST Friday Night Fish Fry.  I’m not sure how many of you know this about me but I LOVE Friday Night Fish Fry.  Growing up, I went with my parents what felt like every Friday Night during lent to a Friday Night Fish Fry (I’m sure it wasn’t quite that much).  Last year due to sick kids, plans, and weather I didn’t make it to a Friday Night Fish Fry ONCE!  That could not happen this year.  I made it a goal to get down to Avenue Bar and see if they truly are the best.  We met Jared down there since it’s right by his work and were seated by 4:30 beating the rush which is key with three small kids.  And I have to say…it was probably the best Fish Fry that I can remember.  Lightly breaded, moist, without a puddle of grease left on my plate.  Definitely have to go back.avenue fish fry

They also have a fun ‘I Spy Fish Fry’ promo going on where the first people to find their little guy Fish Fry (lower left of picture) gets a free fish fry.  Well…the girls found the fish fry!  Our family will definitely be back for another Friday Night Fish Fry and hopefully they have their Beer Cheese soup on when we go back too (Wow!).

Capri's picture

Above is a picture Capri drew – her and Cedi under a double rainbow with hearts.


One of the themes during Dr. Seuss week was ‘Shirts with Words’.  So – I bought some fabric markers and I wrote out LOTS of Dr. Seuss book titles all over the shirts for the girls and even drew a few things like a Daisy, 10 apples, and green eggs to add to the fun.   cedi getting old

I honestly can’t handle how old Cedi is looking!  She needs to stop growing!Pip in a box

Pip in a box.  Every box is a new adventure for our little Pip…gotta love it!euchre

Jared and I subbed at card club a few weeks ago and I made it the head Euchre table with my partner and ended up taking ‘Female High Hand’!  It was a good night with yummy Pink Moscata, ‘Frank’ fives and of course – fun games of Euchre.pipAbove is a picture of Pip watching her big sister get on the bus.  She loves to stand in the door and wave goodbye to them.  You can order your very own ‘please don’t squeeze my apples’ shirt HERE – you pick the size, style, color etc.

sick capriCapri took a sick day last week.  We have a nasty cold going around our house and she just didn’t have any energy left in her.  A day of napping and doing nothing really helped her feel better though.  pip and babies

Pip LOVES babies – so much that she has to sleep with ALL of them at her nap time.

new chair

I am so in love with my NEW Chair for my quilting room!  It’s super comfortable and really helps my back not hurt when I spend the whole day sewing!  Plus – I can pull it apart really easily – it will definitely be coming with me when I travel to sew.dueling painsOn Saturday night, we went with some friends to see a ‘Dueling Piano’ act.  It was really neat.  At one point in the night they went from playing Metallica right into Phantom of the Opera from Andrew Lloyd Weber.  Jillian and KyleAnd of course it was fun hanging out with our new friends Kyle and Jillian!  new cozies

The last update for today is that new ‘Persimon Dream’ Beer Cozies came in last week!  My plan was to have them at the RAW Madison MARVEL Show that I’ll be showcasing my art quilts at in April (buy your tickets now and support artist ‘Persimon Dreams’).  I had a bit of interest on Facebook from folks who wanted one so I did make them for sale – you can buy your very own right here.


I hope you enjoyed my updates!  Have a great Monday – it’s snowing here – AGAIN!

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