Family Update!

For those of you who follow along with me on Facebook you probably have seen everything I’m about to post.  I forget to update on the ‘family’ on my blog because most of you see it on Facebook. But this post is especially for those who are not on facebook – you know who you are!


Cute things that randomly happened..


On February 27th - This morning I was cuddling Cedi and I told her that when she was a baby she didn't like to cuddle. Her response "That's just because I didn't know how great it was."


On February 28th – Capri dressed in pink and purple today so she told me that I her name was 'Color' today.

And now for our ‘slideshow’ in no particular order…

capri cut her hairCapri’s hair was getting in her hair while she was working in her ‘studio’ so she cut it…Capris new bangsWe went and got it fixed…now she has SUPER SHORT bangs!  I think they’re cute!  And now Capri knows (hopefully) that if she wants her hair cut – to just ask!cedi readingCedi brings home a new book every day and she reads it to me while they wait for the bus…it is seriously the coolest to see someone learning to read – WOW!Cedi reading to her sistersThe book was so good this morning that her sisters had to listen in too.crazy hair dayIt was crazy hair day for Dr. Seuss week at school today.  Capri didn’t want crazy hair – she wanted beautiful hair…she did it herself.  Cedi was all about the crazy hair so I put it up in a Mohawk pony tail and then added the green eggs and ham hair clips.  Cedi came home beaming and said everyone love her hair.  She even got a ‘thumbs up’ from a girl on the bus.  guiness and whiskey in a shakeFor Capri’s birthday meal I had a shake that had whiskey and Guinness in it.  It was actually pretty good.Moms night outSaturday night Jared and I had an awesome night out with some new friends!Pip almost sleepingHeading to JoAnn’s for Capri’s birhtday Pip tried so hard not to fall asleep…Pip sleepingShe didn’t do too well.

After that trip to Madison where I sat next to Pip (Al sat up front with Jared) when we got back in the car Pip would try to get me to sit next to her again.  Unfortunately – I had to drive. Rollerskating

Capri got new roller skates for her Birthday so I took the girls last Sunday to the Roller Rink in Portage and we skated!  They both did really good.  Definitely happening again soon!

As you can see…I only post a few pictures of the kiddo’s….

hello kitty euchre

We also had a fun night with some new friends playing Euchre with Cedi’s Hello Kitty Cards.

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