Future Quilter Quilt Finished!

Future Quilter Quilt


When I dreamed up creating a ‘Future Quilter’s Quilt’ for Capri I never dreamed so many people would want to contribute to make this special gift for my daughter.  The past few months while this project has been going on have just been jaw dropping – I am so grateful to you all!  This is truly a special piece of art that my daughter will cherish for many many years!

Future Quilter Quilt

Well – the quilt is finally complete!  It’s also been snuggled and slept with many times already too.  Last week Capri and I finished the free motion quilting on it and on our trip to Minnesota to see my brother I finished hand sewing the binding on!



I almost forgot to sew the beads on but Capri didn’t!  She reminded me when we got home and then told e where she wanted each one!  I think they add the perfect final touch to this wonderful quilt!IMG_6617

And – not only did we all make a fabulous quilt – we all made one really, really happy little 5 year old!  Thank you to all for helping me do this for my daughter – you are amazing!

I have one more step – so many included some amazing notes, gifts and memento’s for Capri that I want to put together a little scrap book for her.  I also took a picture of each block it’s note so we’d always remember where they came from.  You are all so amazing!  I can’t say it enough!

I’ll be sure to share the scrapbook when it’s done but I’m not very good at scrapbooking so it may end up being a gift for her 6th birthday…wish me luck!


(and THANK YOU THANK YOU again!)


  1. What a beautiful quilt - and not just in the blocks, but in the giving it represents! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Capri's quilt is fabulous!! Wow, what a very lucky little girl. I know if it were me, I'd treasure a quilt like that forever.


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