Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge–A Closer Look Part 1

It’s time to start taking closer looks at the projects created this week for the Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge

Quilter: For Quilts Sake

Three Wishes

Three Wishes

Inspiration for Three WishesMade by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Mar. 2013 for Project Quilting Season 4, Challenge 5, "Print Publication."

9.75" x 34"

My creative process and how I made it:

The background fabric is the back side of a home décor fabric that I liked because it had great texture. I sandwiched the home décor fabric and the backing fabric with some wool batting and quilted some wavy horizontal lines with two different colors of purple thread then I quilted around the outside of the quilt a few times to finish the edges. The top and bottom edges are frayed and fringy.

I sewed a dark brownish purple wrinkled taffeta fabric across the middle leaving the extra width hanging over each side.

The three bright, shiny purple and pink squares are woven fabrics which look different depending on the angle that you look at them. I put some extra batting behind them, appliquéd them to the background, and quilted them with a square spiral. Then I appliquéd three velvet squares on top of the shiny ones. The velvet is a deep blue with hints of green and purple when the light hits it a certain way.

If you want to read more about my creative process and how my page 28 inspired this quilt, visit my blog at:

Quilter: Pastor Katie Bishop

Bishop Chicks

Bishop Chicks

_DSC6282It is called "Bishop Chicks" because there are 3 Bishop chicks at this house. (I big one is me, I guess!) This was a real challenge for me. I have never machine quilted like this before... And I learned that I need to work on my turning technique. But overall, I am really happy with how it worked out. It will go on my dining room table this Spring! And Here is my chicks with page 28!

Quilter: MamaEggo

Indoor Greens

Indoor Greens

Indoor Greens
Inspired by p. 28 in Sunset Magazine's "Easy Edible Garden"
Made for Project Quilting - Season 4, Challenge 5
Window valance that measures approximately 37" wide x 17" tall. Pieced together with minimal straight line quilting following some of the seams.
Based on a tutorial by Maureen Cracknell Handmade

This magazine / publication is one I have poured over - for gardening tips, recipes, etc. It was one of FOUR magazines I had in my house - all food related! I picked this one because I've used it so much - and when I opened it to page 28 I smiled.

The inspiration was a photo of a raised bed filled with lettuce. The brown / green is perfect, and instantly I missed our raised beds / garden from the home we just moved out of (we moved 4 months ago). We always planted a large variety of veggies, herbs, etc.

"Indoor Greens" is a reminder of our garden - appropriately created for our kitchen! I recently picked up the spices fabric that makes the top and bottom sashing, and I have been excited to use it for something in our kitchen - this was the perfect project!

I create in my home studio in Montesano, WA when my two munchkins allow me a little bit of "free time".

Quilter:  Debbie in SC of Stitchin’ Therapy

Simply white

Simply white

Page 28 and Simply white

Project Quilting--- Page 28 Printed Publication Challenge 5. The only magazine I found was Garden Gate with a lovely entrance garden featuring lots of white tulips on page 28. Looking beyond the flowers, I was struck by the contrast of the dark greens against the colors of the house. The blue shutters and cedar shake front caught my eye. I found fabric with the faded look of the house colors and joined strips for a simple background. The single bloom of a white tulip is machine appliqued with the dark green leaves. This mini banner is 12" by 14".
Debbie in SC

Quilter: vroomansquilts

Print Puclications

Print Publications

I had to borrow a magazine as I don't have those. I chose the blossoming tree. Finished 12" square. Created in Schoharie NY and more info on project here:

Quilter: SweetBoaterChick

Frittata Quilt

PQ page 28

Frittata Quilt

The colors on my inspiration page just popped so I couldn't help myself, I had to go shopping for the perfect colors. (I was trying to sew all the challenges from my stash.) So I picked up three Kona solids and mixed in a few batiks that I had. I loved the offset placement of the plate, and the glasses in the corner, so that is how the design came about. The solid blue fabrics have free motion swirls quilted on them.
Frittata Quilt measures 32"x32"
Created in my home in Lanoka Harbor, NJ

Quilter: quilts by lisa

flower boxes 3

flower boxes 3

Flower Boxes

Flower Boxes quilt (46" x 72") made in Ashland, Kentucky for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 5, Print Publications.
This challenge has been my favorite of this season so far. Pick a magazine, turn to page 28 and use it as inspiration. I flipped through a stack of magazines and found an old magazine from Lowe's called Creative Ideas. Turned to page 28 to find a two page spread with beautiful colors and wonderful lines. Jackpot!
I first pieced the "boxes" and the background sections, then quilted the wavy lines, then added the flowers using raw edge applique. Finally, I stitched close to the edge of the applique pieces using bright yellow thread so the flowers also show as thread outlines on the back.
I'll be saving these magazine pages because I think they have the potential to inspire another quilt.

Quilter: Solar Threads

Corny Quilt

Seed Catalog Quilt PQ5

Corny Quilt

For this last round of Project Quilting, I choose a seed catalog that we have been eagerly browsing through, in anticipation of Spring planting season! It turned out a little bit corny, but that's OK ;-).

I used this challenge to try to learn how to make a paper pieced pattern on my EQ7 program! I'm so happy about this! I also thought it'd be fun to "personalize it some, putting our name at the bottom. My husband is from Illinois originally, which is pretty much a king corn state. We almost always have corn in our garden, and according to him, it should always be "knee high by the 4th of July", so I had to add that as well.

It's 18 by 12 inches, and has hand embroidered letters, paper and regular piecing, and finally some free motion quilting. My husband remarked when it was almost done that the corn needed some tassels, so I added a few of those too for fun!

Blogged about here: Made by Becky in Pendleton, OR, 12 by 18 inches long

Don’t forget to head over to the voting post and pick your THREE favorite quilts!

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