Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge–A Closer Look Part 2

Let’s take another Closer Look tonight at eight more Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge quilts!

Quilter: mrswickman

Olivia's Challenge

Olivia's Challenge

I opened up the American Girls catalog, the first catalog I opened after I read the challenge, and I found the American Girl gymnastic doll. My inspiration actually came from the text in on the page - Take the Challenge. I started to think about my great niece -Olivia who has and will forever have a challenge, that she did not take, but was given. She has Cystinosis, and every day is a challenge for her and her parents. They are so positive and Olivia is a such a joy in their life. They will be attending the Cystinosis Conference in CA soon, and I took their logo and used that for my wall hanging/blanket. Olivia's mom also has a FB page if you would like to know more: Step Up for a Cure. So although it is not really creative as I "Stole" the logo, it was made with much love for Olivia. I used all scraps. Actually the white fabric is left over from the baptism dress and bonnet I made for her. Olivia just turned three in December. I used a product called Heat N Bond to apply the appliques. then zigzagged. I hand stitched around each of the colored ribbons using a gold embroidery thread. Purple is Olivia's favorite color. Left over buttons from somewhere for the dot on the i's. I used a fusible fleece between the white and pink fabric. I also had leftover pink fleece binding. I am not an expert yet at corners, (or quilting :) so don't look to close, or feel free to give me advice. I hand stitched the binding to the back, just as my mother taught me. This was made in Appleton, WI!!

Quilter: Quilties

Good Bug Full Quilt Page 28

Good Bug Full Quilt

This is my Project Quilting 4:5 Quilt, From the Page 28 Challenge. I paralleled a few of the details from the page. The white space, the lines, the little red title on the top and of course, the bug. But my title is Good Bug, because the article on that page was about harlequin beetles mimicking the native species and cannibalizing them. I didn't want those beetles on my quilt. But native 7 spot ladybird beetles are good for your garden by eating aphids, so this quilt is about the Good Bugs!


14" x 18" by Emma Thomas-McGinnis, Urbandale, IA

Quilter: Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

"Between the Strips"

"Between the Strips"

Marcia Wachuta

Boscobel, Wisconsin

My page 28 was a medicine description for an allergy medicine.
I decide to create something with lines and words.
I stitched words about quilting and creating.
These are the "words" I stitched. It is just words -- not really intended to make sense.

"I am reading between the lines to create my quilt...
You .... Me.... Us....
Fabric... Colors... Designing...
Challenges.... Brainstorming...
Quilting... Working... Playing.... Creat e ing...
Stitching my thoughts sometimes Errors...
Sometimes the words makes sense...
and sometimes it's too confusing....
Comfort can be found in things we Love to do....
Sewing ..... and .... Quilting...
I am reading... Between the words...
and lines.... and the fabric strips....
to create my quilted project....
from fabric strips... of Blue....
and Black and White...
This.... I.... am ... pleased....
Between the Strips....
....Bringing order to my Life...
Marcia 2013"

I shared more photos and the construction of my quilted pillow on my blog at

Quilter: Kate CC

Spring on a Shelf

Where Women Create Autumn 2011

Spring on a Shelf

My page 28 came from the magazine, Where Women Create, Autumn 2011. Boy did I luck out! I love the chandelier with the green swirls and the yellow flowers. But the shelf of stacks of fabric looked so wonderful- like spring on a shelf.
I was not able to start the project until Saturday- so this is my cute quilt done in one day.
16" x 27"- created in Littleton, CO

Quilter: fordhook1

Cranberry with Mint

Cranberry with Mint

I love this challenge. I will never look at a magazine page the same again. I grabbed a Bon Appetite off my kitchen counter and opened page 28 to a big bowl of cranberry sauce. It was a simple picture, but I loved the colors. I made a simple patchwork pillow because I'm addicted to making pillows. I added a few strips of green and orange for the mint and orange zest. I tried a new technique for me...adding binding to finish the pillow.
Project Quilting Season 4, #5
Size of Pillow 17 x 15" Made in Chico, CA

Quilter:  WaggonsWest

Welcome To Leaf Springs

Welcome To Leaf Springs

Project Quilting 4:5

Page 28 challenge Magazine: Four Wheeler. article about leaf springs. (Lesson learned, don't ask husband to pick the magazine.)

Finished quilt 14 x 20 inches. Machine quilted. Fused, raw edge applique. Binding finished by hand.

More pics and details on my blog.

Quilter: sharonhuismith

Lego Love Pillow by Sharon in MIProject Quilting 4.5 p 28 of Lego Catalog

Lego Love Pillow by Sharon in MI

Lego Model

This is my pieced quilt replicating the model made by my daughter. She helped me make this by pressing and cutting thread for me and making sure I didn't mess up the colors! I also cut blocks four times bigger that we will make into a twin size quilt blanket. This was a challenge in that I had to make my own pattern. I spent a lot of time with graph paper before cutting my fabric. This is also my first quilt with all solid fabrics. I decided I really like working with solids - they're cheerful and fun. They reminded me of the quilts I saw online these last couple of weeks from QuiltCon. Thanks for the fun challenges, Kim!

here is the finished pillow. It measures 18 x18" and has a solid purple back.

Quilter:  WayMooreFunQuilts

challenge I

The Turquoise Door

magazine page

This is what I've created for the print publication challenge and it's called "The Turquoise Door." This is my interpretation of page 28 from the Feb. 2013 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. It is approx. 10x13" and was made in Tucson, Az. It took more than a few hours to make as one might guess! I started with the door and worked out on both sides, working as closely as I could with the photo. Fun challenge!!

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