Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge–A Closer Look, Part 3

Let’s take another Closer Look at eight more Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge quilts!

Quilter: The Thimblemouse

Publication challenge

In the Garden of Good and Weevil

from Lynn in Florida - "In The Garden of Good and Weevil" - 33"x22" - Project Quilting Challenge 5 (season 4) - NEVER in a million years did I expect this to be BEST one yet - I had a blast! For the whole

Quilter: rutigt


retro chocolate

Project Quilting, challenge nr 5.
My inspiration cames from a swedish magazine called Retro. It´s about decoration and design. On page 28 there is an article about a norwigian couple, who has decorated their home with things from the 1960:s and 70:s.
Very, very yellow, orange and brown. Took a while to figure out what to sew, cause brown and yellow aren´t really my colours. So I sew this table runner. It´s called "Retro Chocolate", size 15" x 30".
Gun A, Sweden

Quilter: HeratSoulMindandStrength


Riverbed Reflections


I decided to choose one of my husband's magazines instead of my own. I figured it would be more of a challenge. When I turned to page 28 of Popular Mechanics I found a page about panning for gold. I remembered having purchased a kit for "Riverbed Reflections" and thought it would be perfect for the challenge. When I got the quilt put together, I didn't like it. It was so plain. The more I thought about it the more I wanted to add something to the quilt. At first I thought I'd just add the pan, pick ax, and hat as depicted on the page of the magazine. But I couldn't get enthusiastic about it. I then wondered if I could possibly raw edge applique a person. I read and watch many online blogs and Youtube videos until I was confident I could do this. I am so excited about the outcome. I think I will pursue more of this type of art. Riverbed Reflections was created in AuGres, Michigan. It is 40 x 44

Quilter: KrisTMJ

Heart and Soul -Project Quilting 4:5

Heart and Soul -Project quilting 4:5Heart and Soul -Project Quilting 4:5

Print Publications page 28 challenge
"Heart and Soul" -You are Loved
38" x 40"
Scrappy Modern God's eye design
Created in Nebraska

Quilter: SewShaz


Yoga Journal March 2013 pg. 28


PQ 4:5, Print pub challenge. Blogged about it here,

Quilter: Sally Keller of Sally’s Angelworks

Crown of Friendship - Sally's Angelworks

My "page 28" inspiration for my quilt this week!!! #projectquilting

Crown of Friendship - Sally's Angelworks

Here's my quick quilt for the week. I barely had enough time to finish this one, and it was small!! EEEkk!! I was inspired by page 28 of the Where Women Create magazine. The word Friendship and the crowns made me think of my darling friend, Amanda (the Quilted Fish) who designed this fabric!! She loves crowns and she is a dear, dear friend who inspires me all the time to reach for the stars and go beyond myself in my crafting! We all need to be held by friends like this! Thus the quote.

I pieced the top and embroidered the quote and the word Friendship. I actually used the font Mayonnaise for the word Friendship. Usually, I just use my own handwriting (like the quote), but I found this font was perfect for embroidery!! Because of my lack of time this week, I used the turn method for making a pillow, only you don't put a pillow inside. You quilt it instead!! :) I love the way it turned out!

This quilt is 30"x 23" and was made in Texas!!
I hope to blog all about this later in the day!

Quilter: tjtruesdale

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish

Totally lost this week. Have really not magazines at the house. Opened up my husbands hunting/fishing catalog and saw these fishing lures! Then I saw a post on "I'm a ginger monkey" blog of a chevron quilt and there it was! Fish go zig zag! I got a pack of material in the mail this week of Rainbow fabric from a swap so the rainbow theme was born. This was my 1st chevron quilt. Had some trouble with my machine FMQ, but got it done. I decided at 230 this morning I did not like the binding but it was to late to change it to white. Please read or follow my. Blog @ Made in Russellville Sc. It is 48 x 60

Quilter:  Sally Manke


Trail to the Beach

Sally Manke IMG_8435
Arcadia, MI
“Trail to the Beach”
20” X 16.5”
Budget Travel, March/April 2012, Page 28
(no page number on the actual page 28)
Technique: Confetti Art Quilt
Thousands of pieces batik fabric are confetti cut then “painted” on quilt backing and batting. All of the pieces are “glued” in place with a covering of black tulle.. Specialty yarn and metallic fabric were used to add depth and highlights to the piece. Machine quilting w/invisible thread is completed then accented w/additional machine quilting. Fussy cut fence posts are added over the tulle and quilted in.

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