Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge–A Closer Look Part 4

Let’s take one more closer look at eight more Print Publications Project QUILTING Challenge quilts!

Quilter: stipplequilt

Vintage Chocolate Table Runner

Vintage Chocolate Table Runner

Vintage Chocolate size 12 x 26 table runner. I picked a Consumer Reports magazine and this shows page 28. A bathroom with browns and teals and straight lines. More photos at:

Quilter: erinrebeccaz

hexy tree and p. 28

hexy tree and p. 28

here it is! this bad boy is appx 22" X 23" and was made by yours truly on the banks of the susquehanna in central PA! the materials i used included an old shirt, a couple of curtains, a hand-dyed piece of pink fabric, some yarn from The Old Sled Works (the AWESOME antique/crafty vendor place in my town), and--of course--some basic quilting cottons. i tried to emulate the shape and the color scheme of the photo on page 28 of my chosen magazine. and for some reason, i felt compelled to experiment with hexagons. i never used hexes before, and i'm pretty pleased with how it turned out!

blogged here:

Quilter: Carlotta Jean



Project QUILTING, Season 4, Challenge 5–Print Publications
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas
Size: 24" x 29"

Choosing a publication was easy for me. I have a stack of trade magazines for work that I have neglected lately. As a hair stylist, inspiration is a constant need. I never want to become stagnant in my work or in quilting. I loved combining two of my passions into one project.

Some of the techniques I tried on Shine were thread painting, thread painting words, applique, free motion quilting, pieced binding, and beading.

Quilter: Lynthemuse

Organic Gardening

Fall Trees

Thread Painted Birch Trees
Challenge #5...Page 28
This was so much fun! I live in Shelton WA and I am a fiber artist. That is to say, I love fiber!! This piece is totally thread painted before it was quilted. It is 12 1/2" x 14". I love to photograph trees and have been planning on doing a study of trees in a fiber series, so this is the first. Birch trees have so much character in their bark. The border was quilted free motion with leaves. Later today I will post directions on my

Quilter: Cotton N Lace


High Five

PQ Challenge Page 28
'High Five!'
by Amanda Reid South Africa


My page 28 (was not printed on it!) is from a very old Fine Living advert for holiday place and game reserve. I zoned in on the ever famous Big Five animals and Table Mountain (in Cape Town). I used curtain material with repeat Big Five on it and eventually (after cutting them out separately) decided to cut out the sort of panel because liked the surroundings as well. The piece is quite wide and patterns overlap so was a fiddle patching up the sides to square it off..otherwise some of the animals would loose their 'butts'..and I like their 'butts' in the quilt! The famous Table Mountain is a soft Buffalo skin imitation fabric from cushions I made long ago...I just did a bit of 'contour' quilting on this...the sky is hand dyed with fabric paint..didn't clutter sky with anything to detract from the mountain and animals. I stitched around animals so they 'stand' out more..and did lots of fussy stitching on grasses ect (top thread kept breaking!! grrrr).Was up right through a couple of nights doing this quilt...seemed to take AGES!!..

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The quilts below are not qualified for the Public Vote but I wanted to share their stories anyway!

Quilter: Isabella’s Whimsy

Learning to Ride

Learning to Ride

March 2013 010

This 40 inch square quilt was made by me, Janie in my home in Texas for Project QUILTING Season 4, Challenge 5, Page 28 Printed Publication Inspiration.
Sorry quilters, I'm not getting this completed by the deadline this time, but it was such a fun challenge that I wanted to show the quilt top.
This quilt was a challenge to me in that I rarely cut squares and triangles, in fact before Project QUILTING I don't think I ever made a quilt with traditional aspects or techniques. But I tried and got my corners and angles to line up pretty well.
My page 28 from Western Horseman was about tips for riding. So I have two bucking horses who do not want to be ridden and an exasperated cowboy wondering what he will do next...where to start! The top row of 12" blocks are the sky and clouds, the horizon lines on the middle blocks deliberately do not line up, hoping to express some depth. The bottom row of blocks are water and grass, a nice environment for horses and their riders. I plan to use X's and wavy lines to machine quilt the rows.

Quilter: VoreisTwins

Bluebird Stars

Bluebird Stars

I live in Omaha. My publication inspiration is from the current issue of Birds and Blooms. Page 28 features photos of bluebirds! The inspiration was using the colors blue (my favorite) and orange (which I don't care for) together. I decided to use these colors with a coordinating fabric in the middle of 12" sawtooth stars. So far I'm loving this combination!

Quilter: Persimon Dreams

Quilt and the page 28 that Inspired it

Local Foods Grow Strong Communities

Inspired by the 'The Locavore School' - pg 28

Ironically it is the first page of an article that my family's orchard was mentioned in. The word 'roots' in the writing on the page inspired me to create this piece.

I started with a beige fabric of Prince Charming from Tula Pink. It sort of had a toille background - perfect - but I needed different colors. So I watered down some paint and painted the background how I wanted places it's light enough that you can still see the toille print in the background...I love the effect. Then, I drew out my tree with the roots. I knew I wanted the roots to be made of fruit and vegetable fabrics and I knew that I wanted the tree to be made of kid/people fabric. BUT - I didn't have the right 'kid' fabric on hand. Diane looked through her stash...not really much. Luckily, my child's babysitter is also a sewer. I asked her to look and see if she had any 'people' fabric and the tree you see here is the fabric she had - PERFECT! Seriously - without Denise this quilt wouldn't have happened - she had the perfect people fabric AND she took Pip an extra day that let me get this quilt out of my head and onto the fabric. The trunk of the tree is made from scraps of brown and kids.

I fused the fabrics onto the quilt and then I started free motion quilting. Some parts of the quilting are done with metallic thread to add some fun to it.

My next step was adding a 'flap' of pink strawberry fabric before I added the binding. It wasn't quite right so I sewed part of the 'flap' down on three sections of each side of the binding. It gives a 'wavy' binding look to the quilt - super happy with how it worked out. I love it - but needed a bit of sparkle - so I added some angelina fibers to the roots and one section to the left portion of the sky.

I would love to hear what you think!

Approximate Size: 24" x 24"

Don’t forget to head over to the voting post and pick your THREE favorite quilts!

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