Project QUILTING, Wish Upon a Star Project QUILTING Challenge, A Closer Look, Part 4

Happy Friday everyone!  I know my blog gets a little crazy during 'off weeks' but I really think it's nice to do a real feature of each quilt.  Do you all enjoy it or is it just as good to look on flickr? Either way, I wanted to show you a closer look at eight more of the wonderful quilted pieces that were made for the Wish Upon A Star Project QUILTING Challenge


1. layered stars, 2. "Fall"-ing Stars (front), 3. Flutterby, 4. The Star in Chaos, 5. Finished quilt!!!! "Starstruck" #projectquilting, 6. Hedge you Bets, Wish upon a Galazy!, 7. Lauren A's 'Stars of the orient' for Project QUILTING, 8. Baby You're a Star


Quilter: waymoorefunquilts

layered stars

layered stars

This quilt is from a pattern that I've wanted to try for awhile now and when I saw that the theme for this challenge was 'stars', well I saw my opportunity to make it. It is from a pattern called simply, "Layered Stars" and it is available online. It is approx. 36" x 45" and it was made entirely with stash fabric. It will probably go to a local charity after I've taught several how to make it. "Happy Stars" was made in Tucson, Arizona.


Quilter: Quilt Chicken

"Fall"-ing Stars (back)

"Fall"-ing Stars


15" square and made in Lodi WI

After I gave her a table topper for Christmas, my Grandma requested another the same size to be reversible spring-fall. I've been waiting for the perfect challenge to meet Grandma's additional criteria!

This side was all made from scrap on-hand. The project was pieced, then pillowcase-finished so it's truly 2-sided without binding. Once it was turned right-side out, I free-motion quilted around the stars and gave them stitch-in-the-ditch surrounds, plus a line of topstitch at the outside edge to keep it from rolling.

The back side is 2.5" squares from a Liberty-like charm pack, all floral and girly. It should perfectly meet Grandma's spring-summer needs.

Since I wanted this to be truly two-sided, I had to figure out how the stitching would work on the "back" - and the answer was that a busy print hides lots! Additionally, I used a nearly-white in the bobbin (this side) and taupe as the top thread (for the stars).


Quilter: quilts by lisa



Flutterby baby quilt (36" x 48") made in Ashland, Kentucky for Project Quilting Season 4 Challenge 4, Wish Upon A Star.
The star block in this quilt is from a book called Dazzling Stars. I like the shape of the star and the fact that it allows you to feature a print in the center. I had about a fat eighth of each of the butterfly prints in the block centers and used them as a starting point for my fabric selections.


Quilter: rutigt

 The Star in Chaos

The Star in Chaos

Project Quilting, challenge nr 4!
Stars, we are sewing stars.........I don´t like sewing stars. They get ugly and wonky :) So I just sew one. It´s called Twirling Star by Nancy Mahoney from quiltmagazine 100 blocks, vol 1. I´m not good at machinequilting, Need much more practice and when the thread keep on breaking I scream :) Had to swap thread after ripping one side.
The name on the tablecloth is "The Star in Chaos". It´s 22" x 22".
Gun from Sweden


Quilter: Sally’s Angelworks

Finished quilt!!!! "Starstruck" #projectquilting

Finished quilt!!!! "Starstruck" #projectquilting

This is my one week odyssey quilt!!! My very handsome husband (mr gorgeous) had been hinting ever so subtly (not really) about having a quilt of his own to fit our very large king sized bed. So I decided this week, no matter what the challenge, I'd make one for him!! I used a block pattern of a star block with a cross in the middle of it...I simplified it so that I would have a chance of finishing!! The middle piece of fabric is 18.25". The final block is 30". I have been hoarding these fabrics for a while!! So I was super excited to actually have enough to finish!!! It took up my entire dining room floor when pin basting!!!eeeeek! I free motion quilted it by quarters on my Janome 6600 in about 6 hours with breaks!! (Gourmet dinner, anyone???) and I bound most of it on my day trip to QuiltCon in Austin (6hours total!!) for my appliqué part, I added a little fabric sheep and needle turned it and added my signature embroidery to my darling husband!! "D+S I love EWE!" This quilt is 90x120" and was made in Texas!!!


Quilter: KateCC

 Hedge your Bets, Wish upon a Galaxy!

Hedge your Bets, Wish upon a Galaxy!

Project Quilting, Season4, Challenge 4. Wish upon a Star. For my quilt, I took to heart the song from Disney but decided that one star was not enough! So i plan to wish upon a ton of stars! So the wonky log cabin blocks are my version of the big bang, the stars were born and we get to wish upon a star...
Quilt is about 23" not quite square and made in Littleton, CO.


Quilter: Lauren A

 Lauren A's 'Stars of the orient' for Project QUILTING

'Stars of the Orient'

This is Called "Stars of the Orient", it is 70" x 70".

My name is Lauren A.
I don't have a flicker account or a website
I create in Milliken, Colorado and lots of times I head an hour North to the beautiful State of Wyoming for my inspirations!
This quilts was Started this week and was completed by the 2/24 noon deadline.


Quilter:  SweetBoaterChick

Baby You're a Star

Baby You're a Star

I was so excited for this weeks Project Quilting challenge. I decided I wanted to make a cute baby quilt that can be either for a boy or a girl. In my stash was this great texty newspaper print all about baby. I knew this had to be the main fabric. I then pulled some argyle and plaid and went to work. Each block was 5.5 inches and I didn't measure for the points of the star. Just let it happen freely. I quilted one line inside the stars and echoed out from there. It is backed with a fun stripe from my stash and bound with the same yellow plaid from the quilt.
This quilt finishes at 30"x 35"
I created Baby You're a Star at my home in Lanoka Harbor, NJ


Don’t forget to VOTE for your four favorite quilts!  Maybe the stories helped you break a tie!  One more closer look coming soon…voting ends today!

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