Project QUILTING, Wish Upon a Star Challenge, A Closer Look, Part 5

I realized I really needed to get all these closer looks done TODAY since you all need to VOTE  by the end of today!  So – let’s take one last closer look at nine more fabulous quilted pieces that were made for the Wish Upon A Star Project QUILTING Challenge


1. My Sun-and-Stars, 2. Starry Christmas Eve, 3. 285278_4819525163738_1496896806_n, 4. Detail of Solar Threads, 5. friendship star, 6. Supernova, 7. Born in the USA, 8. Wish Upon a Texas Star Rag Quilt, 9. #nonquiltcon

Quilter: kkreig

My Sun-and-Stars

My Sun-and-Stars

I have been reading the Game of Thrones books and love how one of the characters refers to her husband as her "Sun-and-Stars." For myself my husband is my sun and my two children are my stars so this challenge made me think of them.
I create in Chandler Arizona and my wall hanging is 13x19 inches. It is paper pieced using blocks from the website Quilters cache.


Quilter: Traci Smith

Starry Christmas Eve

Starry Christmas Eve


Quilter: Cotton N Lace


It’s Raining Stars

Project Quilting no 4
Wish Upon A Star

by Amanda Reid South Africa
size; 12 and half by 32 and half inches
Name; It's Raining Stars!'

Phew! just making it in time! bit of bling in this quilt....I bought silver stars and round ones for the 'tail' and used a super material glue!! There is a bit of cord and even wool at the bottom...beads in the flowers and also wool for little girls hair. I love batik looks like different skies...the star is paper first time...practice ..practice!!


Quilter: Solar Threads

Solar Threads Project Quilting 4

Solar Threads

I decided for this challenge to interpret my blog title, "Solar Threads". This is 26 by 14 inches, made by Becky in Pendleton, Oregon. The New York Beauty block is paper pieced, and I used contrasting rainbow threads to free motion quilt the "thread rays" radiating from the sun/star. Finished with an "invisible binding". Blogged about here:


Quilter: laurabmundy, Lil Bits D-zynz

friendship star

Friendship Star

Well, I managed to post the picture with a scant 15 minutes to spare! Whew!

This challenge was, for me, a HUGE challenge! I REALLY wanted to do "real" stars... you know... those 5 point beauties we all draw! It took half of the week, but I finally found a FANTASTIC pattern, only to discover it was paper pieced. I thought... "How hard can this be?" Silly me... I couldn't figure it out... even WITH a YouTube tutorial on paper piecing... too many pieces to each block... lol... Then I tried to make it as a regular patchwork quilt... that didn't quite work either... I couldn't get any corners to line up... I had to give up. Last night, I was going to just forgo this week's challenge, however, I was encouraged to persevere... and viola! Here is my finished piece!

This is called a friendship star; which is actually a modified 9 patch. After sewing the blocks together, I added fiber fill batting, then quilted using my 5 point stars. Both fabrics used also have stars upon them. The finished project is only 8 1/4" x 8 1/4", and would make a perfect potholder... except for the fact that I didn't use any heat barrier batting. I think I'll end up putting this under a plant I have sitting on the kitchen table. :)

This item was created by me, Laura Mundy, in Des Moines, IA. Thanks for looking!


Quilter: Christie, Describe Happy



Project quilting; "Wish Upon a Star" challenge

This is a piece skinny wall hanging focusing on using skinny piecing and bright colors. The stars were added with a stencil and lumiere fabric paint for added dimension. I tried something new with the edges -- I use a decorative embroidery machine stitch and then the same gold paint to finish the edge. I'm really happy with how this turned out! Christie from New York :)


Quilter: tjtruesdale

Born in the USA

Born in the USA

I made this out of a pattern I was using for a quilt swap. It is 46x60 and will be headed to Germany soon with my sister. It has stars in the fabric and quilted into each block. The long boring tale on my blog


Quilter: blooking13

Wish Upon a Texas Star Rag Quilt

Wish Upon a Texas Star Rag Quilt

Wish Upon a Texas Star ... three layers, rag quilt. Cut 4"x7" for flag with 3" star. Size is 16"x16". May have frayed better with a flannel in middle... also, on back I used solid colors so the flag is also represented. I'm a beginning 'self-teaching' quilter, always wanted to make quilts. Thought I'd try a challenge, lone star inspired me with a touch of bluebonnets in center. By the way, I love everyone's quilts :-)


Quilter:  LuckyDuckDreams



I cant resist a challenge but did not have a lot of time this week to sew another project. I had the idea of a star in the back of my mind. I kept seeing a star for Texas the Lonestar state showing up in Quiltcon posts. I pulled out my scraps bins and fished out large scale florals in greens and blues and yellows, mostly roses. I decided to paper piece a freehand drawn star red. Then pieced randomly. then I printed an outline of Texas, pinned it to the basted layers and quilted it. Last I did straight line quilting to frame out the Texas. It now covers my winter pillows so I can use them year round on my sofa. The title is the hashtag I used the past 5 days because I did not go to Quiltcon.



Don’t forget to VOTE for your four favorite quilts!  Maybe the stories helped you break a tie! 

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