Project QUILTING–Print Publication Entries, Random Drawing Winners and a Sunday Haiku

I’m pretty sure I recently asked for more days in the day – not one less hour in a day!  Not sure how I feel about daylight savings but I guess there’s not much I can do about it.  We had 31 quilts inspired by and completed this week for the ‘Print Publication’ Project QUILTING Challenge.  I personally love these particular challenges the most and you all did not disappoint me with your creations this week either!  Great job EVERYONE!  Below is a mosaic that I made of all the quilts entered – take some time look at each of them.  The Public Voting will start tomorrow and I will be showing ‘closer looks’ at each of the quilts throughout the week as well.  WOW!  Seriously – fantastic job everyone!mosaicbe711ce5b6e73fdbfaa9cb17c5b4c82c2b88eab8
1. Three Wishes - detail, 2. Bishop Chicks (baby chick), 3. Indoor Greens, 4. Simply white, 5. Print Puclications, 6. Frittata Quilt, 7. flower boxes 3, 8. Detail of Corn Quilt, 9. Olivia's Challenge, 10. IMG_5745, 11. goodbug detail 1, 12. "Between the Strips", 13. Spring on a Shelf- Project Quilting Challenge 5, 14. Lego Love Pillow by Sharon in MI, 15. Cranberry with Mint Pillow, 16. Welcome To Leaf Springs, 17. challenge I, 18. Publication challenge, 19. retrochocolate, 20. DSC00162, 21. Heart and Soul -quilting shot, 22. Connect detail, 23. Crown of Friendship - Sally's Angelworks, 24. Rainbow Fish, 25. IMG_8432, 26. detail 2, 27. Vintage Chocolate Table Runner, 28. Shine, 29. Fall Trees, 30. 601487_4908566469715_719207105_n, 31. Bluebird Stars, 32. Learning to Ride

Radom Drawing Winners!


I put all the names of the quilters who completed this weeks task into the special drawing hat!


I asked Pip first if she wanted to draw a name – she wasn’t in the mood.


So…Capri drew the name of our first winner…

Prize 1


$20 to Fabrics N Quilts


Goes to waymoorefunquilts!


I had Cedi draw the second winner…

Prize 2

long arm quilting by quiltsbybarb

$25 off Long Arm Quilting from Quilts by Barb


Goes to Sewshaz!


I asked Pip again if she wanted to draw a name – still not interested.

Prize 3

Keep On Dreaming Quilt

$30 off long arm quilting of baby quilt or larger from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting


So Capri drew HeartSoulMindandStrength!

Prize 4


A Stash bag* from For Quilts Sake


is StippleQuilts!


I gave Pip one last chance to draw a name

“Seriously Mom – not interested”

Prize 5

dye candy yard 2

1 yard of Hand-Dyed Fabric from Dye Candy


Goes to Vroomansquilts

Prize 6

quilting lodge 3

$20 to spend at Quilting Lodge!


Goes to KateCC!


Congrats to all!  I’ll be contact you and the prize sponsors within the next 24 hours to help you claim your prizes.  If you haven’t heard from me by later tomorrow night please send me an email!


And…one last thing for tonight.


Sunday Haiku- Taxes


the sewing machine

goes silent. computer on.

I must do taxes


  1. Thanks so much for another fun challenge!

  2. Ditto what Connie was sew much fun...Good Luck with those taxes..I finished mine earlier in the week and celebrated in my 'Garden' - LOL

  3. Congrats to all the winners. The challenge this time was really something. What am I saying all the challenges have been some kind of journey or lesson for me. All good. :)


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