Here I go – making up words again.  Disclaimer – yes, I’m talking about MY daughter so I probably am over exaggerating her amazing-ness…but that’s what mom’s get to do right?    Capri can work on ‘projects’ for hours…literally.  I haven’t had much experience with 5 year olds but her older sister definitely does not have the same attention span.  IMG_5869So – I shouldn’t have been surprised when Capri came home with this quilt she made with Grandma during their day together last Friday.  I know that Grandma has a lot of ‘orphan blocks’ in her stash and I figured Capri just picked a few out and put them together. Turns out – that wasn’t the case.

Per Grandma Lapacek,
“All her own design and she did all the sewing except machine stitching the binding on.”

She even sewed together the triangles!


And she did the hand stitching of the binding on the back.

quiltigy Capri

Capri made the quilt for Cedi’s ‘One Hair Baby’.  This particular doll used to have just one tuft of hair sticking up from her head and when Cedi was really small she named her ‘One Hair’. One Hair has been on many adventures, including a stint in a friend of ours back yard woods.   Now anytime a loved baby or animal go missing we say, “Oh, they’re probably just on an adventure like One Hair went on’.   Anyway – it looks like One Hair will love her quilt and it’s the perfect size for her!


I have had Capri’s Future Quilter Quilt almost pinned to my machine for a few weeks now.  Once I finished my Project QUILTING Quilt this week is was time to get the baby pinned on and quilted.  I haven’t had a lot of practice on my machine yet and my thread kept breaking.  I had bought a second bobbin case the last time I was my quilt shop and once I switched my thread breakage situation was magically solved.


Since it was Capri’s quilt I decided to let her have a go at using my ‘long arm’ on a few of her blocks.


She stood on a chair and concentrated really hard – you could tell she enjoyed every second of it.


Here’s her first attempt at free motion quilting!  Do you see the star?  There’s a heart in there and a flower or two as well!


On this block she decided to write her name ‘Capri Grace Lapacek’ and her sister’s names ‘Pip’ ‘Cedi’.


I know I’m biased…but seriously – this is pretty impressive!  She just turned 5!  She’s a little Quiltigy.


Okay – enough bragging about my daughter…I finished the hand stitching on the binding of her Future Quilter’s Quilt earlier today. As soon and I can get a decent picture of it I’ll share with you all how it turned out in the end!  Right now she’s happily sleeping under it.


  1. Thanks for sharing this sweet story! She does seem interested and talented beyond what I would expect of a 5 year old. So glad she's enjoying her start in quilting and I think she has a bright future!

  2. Wow! That IS impressive! Can't get my 13 yo girls to spend that much time on the sewing machine! Looks like you'll share many hours of fun in the years to come :)

  3. Who knows how long this will continue :) I'm just trying to enjoy it while it lasts!

  4. Holy smokes, she is amazing!!!

  5. You're right, Kim, she is amazing! And so generous to share her quilt with her sister's dolly!


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