WINNER for the BONUS Project QUILTING Challenge: Fat Quarter Shop Fabric Bundle – Tradition Times Three

Nine amazing quilts were created for the BONUS Project Quilting Challenge: Fat Quarter Shop Fabric Bundle – Tradition Times Three.  I just love seeing how everyone took the same bundle of fabrics and created nine quilt that all look so different!

1. respiratory therapy, 2. Squares All Around, 3. Flight of the Seagulls, 4. Monkeying Around on the Beach with Kim, 5. Project Quilting-Tradition Times Three, 6. Red Sky at Night - large fish, 7. iPad Bag 5, 8. One Fish, Two Fish - Project Quilting final bonus, 9. Squarey Tree

Above is just a small snap shop of each.  Be sure to click on the links below to take a closer look at each of them.  I’ll also be posting ‘closer look’ posts on the quilts throughout the week next week.

I didn’t want to make you wait too long to see who won the incredible $75 gift certificate prize to the Fat Quarter Shop so without further adieu…

IMG_8953I wrote the seven eligible names onto slips of paper (Diane and I don’t qualify for the drawing since this is our little project)IMG_8954Then, I folded them up and put them in a bowl (the famous drawing hat is not with me at the moment…)

IMG_8955Since Pip is the youngest I decided she would do the drawing for the winner!


Congratulations SweetBoaterChick for being chosen to win the BONUS Prize of $75 to the Fat Quarter Shop!

If seeing these quilts has made you yearn for the same fabric bundle – no worries!  There are still some available if you click HERE.

Barn Quilt Week–Color 4

Let’s see how the Farmer’s Daughter Quilt turned out with the fourth color added.

Farmer’s Daughter

IMG_8248I found some skinny frog tape and tried that even though the humidity was still high.  I would definitely recommend the wider tape…I may have over lapped a few times.  Four coats of Navy Blue on and it was time to pull the tape.IMG_8251-001Here you can see how the paint seeped a little with the humidity and the tape not sticking.  You can also see where I went over just a bit with the thinner frog tape.  I used small artists brushes to touch up the areas.  One of the nice things about Barn Quilts is that they are hung high up on a barn and are looked at from a distance.  Minor issues are not going to be seen so touching up is a very feasible option.IMG_8253

And voila!  Here it is!  I can’t wait to see this hung!  I love the three-dimensional effect the chevrons in the blues create.

I hope to get pictures of the quilts when they are on their respective barns soon.  I’ll be sure to share them with you as soon as I can.

Be sure to see if there are any ‘Barn Quilt Trails’ in your area.  It’s always fun to watch for them as your driving in the country or even along different highways!

I think I’ll have some pictures to share with you of some barn quilts I recently spotted…I may not get to posting them until Monday…

Barn Quilt Week–Color 3

Barn Quilt Week continues – today we’ll look at the 3rd color added to the barn quilt.  For one of them – it means the quilt is done and ready for hanging!

Old Windmill

IMG_8036I ran out of frog tape so I had to go to my blue painters tape.  I probably should have gone and got more frog tape but it wasn’t in the plans so I went with it.  At the place where the points all meet things get slightly tricky.IMG_8037But – it’s an easy fix.  I use my handing artists exacto knife and was able to cut the tape to make the points nice.IMG_8038In a perfect world I would use a metal straight edge to help me get my cuts perfect but here I just free handed them and it worked really well too.  IMG_8039This final tape job was slightly more tricky as well because the humidity had gone up.  the tape just wasn’t sticking as nicely as I would have liked.  As I painted I tried to push the tape down to minimize any seeping that might happen…IMG_8043

Here you can see that the first coat of Navy Blue is on.IMG_8236-001

Four coats later I pulled the tape from the quilt and voila!  The Old Windmill Quilt is done!  Doesn’t that look sharp!?

Farmer’s Daughter

IMG_8041I taped out the quilt for the third color on the Farmer’s Daughter.  I had the same issue with the humidity here but with the shorter segments the tape stuck better than it did on the Old Windmill Quilt.  IMG_8042

The third color on the Farmer’s Daughter is ‘Barnyard Green’.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the tape off after the third color…sorry about that!

Stop by tomorrow to see the ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ Quilt with it’s fourth and final color!

city sampler quilt along: blocks 1, 2 and 3

It’s no secret that I love Tula Pink.  So you can imagine my excitement when I saw that a fabulous group of blogger’s had organized a Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Along.
Sew Sweetness

Of course – I was in!


I decided for my blocks I would use some of my printed whites – I have TONS – and it’s time to use some up.  For the ‘color’ part of my block I am going to dig into my scrap bins and see how it goes.

I made my first three blocks!  The first are all about crosses.

tulapink1No. 1 – I used a fun white gnome house print and some brown scraps.tulapink2No. 2 – I used a fun scooter white print with orange scraps.tulapink3

No 3 – I used two different fairy prints and purple scraps.

I think for now I’m going to use brown, orange and purple scraps for awhile.  I may add in a few other colors but I think these will be my focus….

Barn Quilt Week–Color 2

Happy Wednesday!  Barn Quilt week continues as I move onto the second color of each quilt!

Old Windmill

IMG_7743The first step for the second color is to tape off the area I’m going to paint.IMG_7748I chose ‘Star Yellow’ for the second color on the Old Windmill Barn Quilt.IMG_8035Four coats of paint later, I pulled the tape and I have two of the colors finished!

Farmer’s Daughter

IMG_7744Above – you can see how I taped off the second color on the ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ Barn Quilt.IMG_7746

My second lightest color on this quilt is ‘Feather Blue’.IMG_8040

And four coats later, I pulled the tape and here’s what the Farmer’s Daughter Quilt is looking like so far.

Stop by tomorrow to see color 3!

Barn Quilt Week–Color 1

Now that I had the first color all taped out it was time to paint the first color.  Barn Quilts are actually really simple to do – they just take time.  Each color needs four coats of paint.  These quilts are going to be permanently exposed to all sorts of elements and need to hold up as long as possible.  Four coats is necessary.

Old Windmill Quilt

IMG_7583I had the first color areas taped off so it was time to start painting.  The ‘Old Windmill’ Quilt’s first color was Corn White.

IMG_7738It took me two days to get the four coats on.  I did a one coat earlier in the day and then one before bed so there was plenty of time for the paint to dry.  IMG_7740

Corn White isn’t super obvious at this point but it is going to look gorgeous against the traditional barn red barn it’s going to be hung on.

Farmer’s Daughter Quilt

IMG_7586My first color on the Farmer’s Daughter Quilt is ‘Star Yellow’IMG_7739These barn quilts are 8 x 8 feet which is quite large.  In order for me to get to each of the sections I literally get down on my knees and crawl around on the boards to paint.  It would be nice to be able to stand to do this but we don’t have the space to do it in our shed.  I know some people will also leave the quilt in two 4’x8’ sections and then put them on saw horses so they can reach to all areas.  At this point in my life I have no problem crawling around on the quilts but I may in the future.IMG_7742

You can really see how clean the lines on the barn quilt when I use the Frog Tape.  It also helped that the humidity was low while I was doing these first coats.


Tomorrow I’ll be showing you which color came next!

Barn Quilt Week!

Happy Barn Quilt Week everyone!  I’m sure you’re thinking Barn Quilt week is something happening all over the web or something…but unfortunately, that is not the case.  Barn Quilt Week is just something I came up with because I recently finished painting TWO barn quilts for friends’ barns and I need to share with you all the process.  It should take me about a week to go through all the steps I took.



Three years ago I painted a barn quilt for our orchard.  It still makes me smile every time I see it.

Old Windmill Block

Fullscreen capture 5272013 62528 AM

The first Barn Quilt I started with is for a good friend of ours mother’s farm.  The ‘Old Windmill’ is a simple but classic pattern.  The quilt was going to be hung on a classic red barn so I decided to paint it in bold colors – corn white, navy blue and star yellow.   Above was my ‘sketch’ of what I wanted the end results to be.

Both of the 8 x 8 ‘Quilts’ arrived to my back shed already primed with four coats of primer.  All I had to do is draw on my design using a ruler and straight edge and I was ready to get painting.


I always start by painting the lightest color first.  So – first up was ‘corn white’ on the Old Windmill Barn Quilt.  I used frog tape to ensure that my edges were nice and clean.  You can also use the blue painters tape but I’ll show you later in the week why Frog Tape is best if you have it.

Farmer’s Daughter

Fullscreen capture 5272013 62406 AM

The second barn quilt – the Farmer’s Daughter – is slightly more complicated.  This one is for neighbors who are farmer’s and have three daughters.  They chose the perfect block!  This barn quilt was going to be hung on a white barn so I went with – navy blue, barnyard green, star yellow and blue feather.


Again – the 8’ x 8’ plywood board came already prepped for me to get started on.  This one was a bit more difficult to sketch out since it’s a 5 x 5 pattern onto an 8 x 8 foot board.  The math is slightly tricky – but luckily my husband is a surveyor so he has an engineering tape which breaks feet down into tenths.  So, I used that to mark a 1.6’ grid onto the barn quilt.  From there I was able to draw the pattern of the ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ block out easily.   If I had to use an inch tape measure it would definitely have been some trickier math.  I taped off my lightest color first – Star Yellow’ and I was ready to get painting.

Stop back tomorrow to see how the first color turned out!  IMG_7930-001

The view of our property as you pull in the driveway (minus a walking Pip – our children are not allowed on the blacktop during apple season), Barn Quilt to the left.

PS.  The blocks above are the first I made using my new EQ7 program!  SO SO SO Excited to figure it out more!

A Lovely Year of Finishes–May Completions

My Button

It’s not quite the end of May but this week is going to be ‘Barn Quilt Week’ on my blog (don’t worry – more details coming soon) so I decided I should post my finishes a bit early.    Let’s take a look at my May goals for the ‘A Lovely Year of Finishes’ and see how I did.

Goal 1.  Project QUILTING Fat Quarter Shop Bundle Challenge – COMPLETE

Squarey Tree ENTRY

I finished my squarey tree quilt for the challenge!  I even quilted it myself – I’m super proud of that!  I’ll be blogging more about my process later on my blog but for now you can an all just drool over the picture Winking smile  All the Challenge quilts are due on May 30th so keep an eye out for all the entries as they pop up on the flickr group – I’m seeing five amazing quilted creations so far….


Goal 2:  My Favorite Block Quilt Along Top Pieced – COMPLETE

My Favorite Block Quilt Along - Top Pieced! All 20 of the blocks, plus some, for the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ have been posted and it’s PIECED!



Goal 3:  Project QUILTING May Off Season Challenge – Pantone

ENTRY - Sticks of Pantone Quilt - Project QUILTING May 2013 Off Season Challenge

I finished the Pantone Project QUILTING Challenge with this modern, fun quilted table runner!  I will also be blogging about it more once ‘Barn Quilt Week’ is over.


This wasn’t on my list for May…but I finished something else too…Nini's Granny Square Quilt

Remember in April I finished my Granny Square quilt top for one of my goals?  Well – Barb of Quilts by Barb did an amazing modern wavy quilting on it and got it back to me super fast.  I quickly bound it and gave it to its new owner who LOVED it!  You can read more about it HERE.


For the fifth month – I love setting these goals for myself.  I had a rough month with some unplanned things occurring.  I already knew I was going to be tight for time but without this challenge, I’m guessing not many of these things would have gotteen done so thanks for the challenge Ladies!


And since it’s Sunday…here’s my Haiku for today

sewing at the beach

is in the plans for this week

hand stitching only

My Favorite Block Quilt Along–Finished Quilt Tops and Prize Winners!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful memorial day weekend!  I know that my family and I definitely are.  Well – today, finished quilt tops for the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ were due in order to qualify for the prizes.  Let’s see who finished!

Quilt Top from tjtruesdale

My favorite block quilt along completed top.

Quilt top from KrisTMJ

My Favorite Block Quilt along finishI used 12 out of the 20 blocks in the quit along. I made a couple of the blocks twice and put one on the back. Kind of scrappy and kind of fun.

blogged @

Quilt top from Sharon of vroomansquilts

My Favorite Quilt Block QAL Finish

The traditionalist in me - I decided to use a sashing and cornerstone setting with wide border. Finished size is 66.5" x 80".

Quilt Top from erinrebeccaz

done and done.

read more about her process here:

Quilt Top by Me – Persimon Dreams!

My Favorite Block Quilt Along - Top Pieced! I purposely attempted to group blocks with similar fabrics together to create a sense of ‘movement’ throughout the quilt.  What do you think of this layout?  Or would you rather the colors be scattered more randomly throughout the top?

I love seeing how by using different fabrics and different layouts - five completely different quilt tops were created!

So – if you didn’t finish your top yet – don’t let that deter you!  Finish it up – we still want to see how all these great blocks go together in all the different fabrics everyone has chosen!  I’ll still blog about your quilt so be sure to add it to the flickr group when the top is together AND when it’s quilted!



It’s time – let’s see who won the generous prizes!

IMG_8301I put the four qualifying quilts into the bowl (I disqualified myself from winning) and of course let my adorable kiddo’s pick the winners!

Prize 1 & 2:  two $25 gift certificates to Fabrics N Quilts!

IMG_8305The first  Fabrics N Quilts winner was drawn by Cedi and is – tjtruesdale!IMG_8306

The second  Fabrics N Quilts winner was drawn by baby Pip and is KrisTMJ!

Prize 3 & 4 - $50 Gift Certificates for Quilting from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & QuiltingIMG_8307

The first Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting prize drawn by Capri goes to erinrebeccaz!IMG_8308

The second Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting prize drawn by Baby Pip goes to vroomansquilts!


Congrats to all the winners and a BIG THANK YOU to my amazing sponsors!
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