Barn Quilt Week–Color 3

Barn Quilt Week continues – today we’ll look at the 3rd color added to the barn quilt.  For one of them – it means the quilt is done and ready for hanging!

Old Windmill

IMG_8036I ran out of frog tape so I had to go to my blue painters tape.  I probably should have gone and got more frog tape but it wasn’t in the plans so I went with it.  At the place where the points all meet things get slightly tricky.IMG_8037But – it’s an easy fix.  I use my handing artists exacto knife and was able to cut the tape to make the points nice.IMG_8038In a perfect world I would use a metal straight edge to help me get my cuts perfect but here I just free handed them and it worked really well too.  IMG_8039This final tape job was slightly more tricky as well because the humidity had gone up.  the tape just wasn’t sticking as nicely as I would have liked.  As I painted I tried to push the tape down to minimize any seeping that might happen…IMG_8043

Here you can see that the first coat of Navy Blue is on.IMG_8236-001

Four coats later I pulled the tape from the quilt and voila!  The Old Windmill Quilt is done!  Doesn’t that look sharp!?

Farmer’s Daughter

IMG_8041I taped out the quilt for the third color on the Farmer’s Daughter.  I had the same issue with the humidity here but with the shorter segments the tape stuck better than it did on the Old Windmill Quilt.  IMG_8042

The third color on the Farmer’s Daughter is ‘Barnyard Green’.  Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of the tape off after the third color…sorry about that!

Stop by tomorrow to see the ‘Farmer’s Daughter’ Quilt with it’s fourth and final color!

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  1. They are both turning out so great! It's been fun watching your progress. =)


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