My Favorite Block Quilt Along BONUS Classic Four Patch Tutorial

I’m sure at this point you are all frantically trying to piece your top for the ‘My Favorite Block Quilt Along’ Quilt and you may want some easy peasy 6.5” filler blocks that still look cool.  Well – what’s cooler than the Classic Four Patch?  Especially when you know the easiest-peasiest way to put it together!

Cutting Instructions (this will result in two four patch blocks)

IMG_7516Fabric 1 – 7.0” square

Fabric 2 – 7.0” square



Place your fabrics right sides together.


Sew a quarter inch seam on opposite sides of the fabric.


Cut the fabric at 3.5”

IMG_7520So you are left with two 6.5” x 7” pieces.  Iron towards the darker of the two fabrics.


Place the two squares right sides together.  Have fabric 1 facing fabric 2 in their respective halves. IMG_7522

Sew along the two opposite edges with a quarter-inch seam.  IMG_7524

Cut the fabric again at 3.5” and iron open at the seams.  You’re left with two easy-peasy four patches!

If you want to do a four patch in the 12.5” size just cut your initial squares at 13” and follow the same instructions.

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