My Favorite Block Quilt Along–Possible Layouts

I know the deadline of May 25th is looming and you are all antsy to get your tops pieced so you can qualify for the fabulous prizes so I wanted to share with you a few possible layouts for your blocks.  Remember – you can lay it out however you would like – these are just possibilities!

For these three options I used 20 – 12 inch blocks and 20 – 6 inch blocks to start with.  I have more blocks than that made personally but I wanted to show you all the options with the basics.

Option 1.

5 x 5 grid

Possilbe Layouts for the My Favorite Block Quilt AlongIt turns out you can make a perfect 5 x 5 grid using twenty 12 inch blocks and 20 6 inch blocks.  Group your 6 inch blocks into sets of 4 and you have 5 more 12 inch blocks for a total of 25 blocks.

IMG_7311 - outlinedI drew rough squares around the blocks so you can see how I arranged my blocks to make this 5 x 5 grid.

If you don’t want a square quilt in the end you can add different sized borders to create a more rectangular quilt.

Option 2.

4 x 5 grid with two 6-inch block strips

Possilbe Layouts for the My Favorite Block Quilt Along


Here I layed the blocks out with a 1 x 4 grid of 12 inch blocks on top and bottom.  The center is a 3 x 4 grid of 12 inch blocks.  Between the 1st and 2nd and 4th and 5th rows of 12 inch blocks are eight 6-inch blocks all in a row.  IMG_7313 outlined

Again – I did a rough outline of the blocks in black so you can see a bit more clearly my layout.  With this option you have four extra 6-inch blocks that you could use in cornerstones of a border.

Option 3.

Make it Work

Possilbe Layouts for the My Favorite Block Quilt AlongFor this option – I arranged my 12 and 6 inch blocks randomly so lots of movement was made throughout the piece.  IMG_7320 - outlined

Once again, I rough outlined each of the blocks so you can see how the 12 and 6 flowed together.  There is one extra 6 inch block left over for this quilt.  I would probably add it to the back of the quilt or incorporate it into my label.

I will probably be using a layout similar to this one for my final quilt.  I just like how you think you’ve found the pattern only to realize that nope – not a pattern…just randomness.

I hope these three options helped you get some ideas on how you want to layout your quilt and get you heading in the right direction to have your top pieced by the 25th!

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