Project QUILTING–Off Season Challenge: What’s Your Sign Entries

I’ve been meaning to post closer looks at the six fabulous quilts created for the Off Season Project QUILTING challenge:  What’s Your Sign? for a few days now.  Well – better late than never!

Let’s see what everyone came up with!mosaic
1. PQ Off-season Challenge, 2. Aslan of Narnia, My Favorite Leo, 3. Fall Grapes, 4. 284343_10200236009160630_1002603259_n, 5. Project Quilting- What is your sign?, 6. Project QUILTING Off Season Challenge - What's Your Sign?


Quilter: SweetBoaterChick

Sign: Pisces

PQ Off-season Challenge

Pyranha Quilt

I made this quilt based on the Pyranha Kayak logo. Being a Pisces I love the water and feel that freedom whenever in my little red boat. I go with the flow for the most part, but have been know to fight the current when I need to.
I printed the logo onto a light blue batik using my printer. Then framed the print with bright batiks. I quilted it by stitching in the ditch. I even hand stitched the binding on (gasp!).
I made my little Pyranha Quilt in Lanoka Harbor, NJ. It measures 14" x 14".


Quilter: Isabella’s Whimsy

Sign: Leo

Aslan of Narnia, My Favorite Leo

Aslan of Narnia, My Favorite Leo

What's My Sign? Leo! This wall hanging has been through quite a bit before finishing up right here. You can read about it on my blog if you like:
I thought I would attach the pieces of the mane together by overlapping the edges and sewing with decorative machine stitching...not the best idea for durability, but a learning experience. I used some hand quilting on the face, then machine quilted around each section of the mane and once around the head. I attached fast triangles on the back for hanging.

If I make Aslan again, and I will, I will use different techniques.
Even though I tore out many stitches, I am glad I went through the process and learned all kinds of surprises on the way. :o)

Size: about 21" square
Location: College Station, TX


Quilter: tjtruesdale

Sign: Libra

Fall Grapes

Fall Grapes

Read more on her BLOG HERE.

Quilter: Cotton N Lace

Sign: Virgo


Virgo Mermaid
size 10 1/2"x20 1/2"
Made in South Africa
By Amanda Reid

Altho Virgo is an earthy maiden I saw some 'Virgo Mermaids' and I am an 'earthy' person but also a 'water baby'!..So I like the idea to be a bit 'whimsical'..hence the 'Mer-Maiden'!

Alot of experimenting went on here...thread painting....body and hair...metallic threads(hair) and invisible thread(sky and tail..sea)...paper piecing on the tail and inkjet printing for body...alto was a bit dull so coloured in with marker pens...the sky is some material I experimented with marble technique..she also has a 'tattoo' of the Virgo sign stitched on her arm....a lot of left over fabric from the other projects were used here.

This was a fun quilt to try certain techniques...especially since I am quite nervous for upcoming IQCAfrica Challenge I have entered!!


Quilter: KrisTMJ

Sign: Cancer

Project Quilting - What is your sign?

Project Quilting - What is your sign?

Off season challenge for Project Quilting at Persimon Dreams.
My sign: Cancer
Size: 16 x 16 approx
I chose a celestial interpretation of the sign by doing the constellation in a prism quilt.
Made in Nebraska
The pattern is a variation of Anna Maria Horner's Patchwork Prism only mini!



Quilter: PersimonDreams

Sign: AriesENTRY Project QUILTING  Off Season Challenge - What's Your Sign?

Aries Bag

I created a quilted bag for the Project QUILTING Off Season Challenge - What's Your Sign?
I just learned how to make these fabulous pleated bags (super easy btw) and love how they look.

For this challenge I Took a bold spring print - since aries is a spring sign and we tend to be straigt forward and to the point - just like this big floral print from Laura Gunn. Then I mixed in a fun Zebra print for the middle. I love how the two prints mixed!

Next, I played with some Kirigami folding like I did for the 'My Favorite Color' Challenge I fold papers in three ways - snowflake, star, and spider and then drew the sign of the Aries onto the paper before I cut them out. I traced the pattern onto fuxible and put the tree flowers onto the zebra print. When I cut out the pattern I left one petal full to symbolize the portion of the zodiac that aries is. Then - I fused them onto the bag.

The insides of the flowers were hearts so I also fused a few of these to the lower portion of the bag just to add a bit extra.

The bag is very lightly quilted - just two lines to keep the thin batting in place. I didn't want to take away from the natural shape the pleat adds by doing too much quilting.

The bag is lined with an original spoonflower fabric that I made from a picture of a outerspace quilt.

Finally I embellished both sides of the bag with two fun circular-esque black and white striped beads.

Very happy with how this turned out!


There is an off season challenge for may already up – Pantone!  I hope you enjoy these little challenges of mine!

made by Kim Lapacek
Poynette WI

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