Soccer Saturday


Cedi and Capri were on their first Soccer ‘Teams’ this year.  I have to say I really enjoyed watching them play.IMG_7340

Capri played on the 4K soccer team.IMG_7364With 41 other 5 year olds.  It was a bit chaotic but I have to admit I was very impressed at how well they waited in line for their turn and listed to their coaches.IMG_7350Capri’s team mainly did drills.  IMG_7370Capri LOVED soccer.IMG_7383IMG_7408IMG_7409IMG_7358IMG_7403Cedi was on the Kindergarten Team.  It was really nice because the two teams practiced next to each other at the same day and time of the week.  IMG_7359I really thought Cedi did good at the drills.  She liked to run and actually had pretty decent ball control. IMG_7365IMG_7367I’m really happy with her coach.  He did a great job with the kids.  I just found out yesterday he’ll move up with the kids as they progress since his nephew is on the team.  Yeah!IMG_7395IMG_7397IMG_7416For their first ‘scrimmage’ Cedi had to wear a Pinny.  She was not happy about this.IMG_7425I love how when the scrimmage first started all the kids just stayed in a knotIMG_7428IMG_7440

But by the end of the ‘game’ you could see that they were figuring out that if they spread out things went a bit better.

I have to admit – Cedi was really good at the drills.  She is not so good in the scrimmages…but we’ll see if she figures that out as she gets older.


  1. I think soccer is such a great sport for kids! I really enjoyed your post and it brought back memories of our soccer days.

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed them! It reminded me of my soccer days and I hope my girls enjoy it like I did...


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