Tomorrow is a BIG Day!

AmysCreativeSide.comWell – it is to me anyway.  The Blogger’s Quilt Festival starts tomorrow!  I LOVE the Blogger’s Quilt Festival.  I know I’m not giving you much time but I need your help deciding on the SECOND quilt that I’m going to enter.  Home Sweet Home Quilt - Finished

I already know that I’m going to enter my ‘Home Sweet Home’ Quilt for the ‘group/bee quilt’ category…but this year
Each quilter can enter two quilts, in separate posts, and categories.

so I need your help deciding on my second quilt…

Here are the categories for the quilts…

  • Favorite throw quilt

  • Favorite bed quilt

  • Favorite group/bee quilt

  • Favorite two color quilt

  • Favorite ROYGBIV (color wheel) quilt

  • Favorite applique quilt

  • Favorite hand quilted quilt

  • Favorite home machine quilted quilt

  • Favorite professionally quilted quilt

  • Favorite quilt photographer

  • Favorite art quilt

  • Favorite doll/mini quilt

  • Favorite wall hanging

  • Favorite scrap quilt

Here are the quilts I was thinking I may enter with their potential categories…


‘Nini’s Granny Squares’ – This is one that I just finished and haven’t even blogged about yet.  I’m thinking it would fit in the ‘throw quilt’ category or professional quilted category.

Local Foods Grow Strong Communities

‘Local Foods Grow Strong Communities’ – I love this piece.  I think it would fit well into the groups – applique quilt, wall quilt, or art quilt…

ENTRY Celebrate Annie created for the 'Annie's Vision Project QUILTING Challenge'

‘Celebrate Annie’ – which would also fit into the groups applique quilt, wall quilt or art quilt.

And my final thought would be…


or ‘Make a Wish’ which also fits in the to groups applique quilt, wall quilt, or art quilt.


So…what do you think?  Which ONE of the above four should I enter?

- Nini’s Granny Squares

- Local Foods Grow Strong Communities

- Celebrate Annie


- Make a Wish


I sort of need you to leave a comment ASAP since the festival starts tomorrow… Thanks for your help!


  1. Local Foods Grow Strong Communities without a doubt. That quilt is fabulous. I love the granny squares too, but that doesn't scream your style to me.

  2. I really like the Make a Wish, but I think Celebrate Annie best represents your personality.

  3. Make a wish has a lovely feeling it but Loval foods is my pick bc it is beautiful- just gorgeous but topic is timely and may speak to the judges on a deeper level. Beautiful work! Terrible to hv to pick one! I was no help. Sorry

  4. they are all great but celebrate Annie is my absolute fave!

  5. I love Make A Wish.....However, the quilting in Nini's Granny Squares is outstanding and is a real winner and is very modern which is the trend right now. you do great work.


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