8 years

I haven’t looked at pictures from our wedding in quite awhile.  I’ve been looking them over and reminiscing all morning long and it just reminded me of how truly wonderful that day was.  Our wedding day was the best day of my life.  It was a hot day but it was June 25th..what else could we expect?  Looking at the pictures reminds me too of how much has happened in the last 8 years…we built a house, had three beautiful girls, moved the orchard…lost Jared’s grandpa and my grandma…  It’s crazy to think how things can change in just 8 years.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the bond Jared and I have…it’s still as strong as ever.  It’s hard for me to believe that after all this time…8 years married, 11 years together…I still want to spend as much time as possible with one man.  He is an incredible husband that can handle me…which trust me…is quite a feat.  Watching him with our three girls makes my heart melt…he’s such an amazing father.

Here are just a few of my favorite photo’s from that day (in no particular order)…there are just so many to choose from!

100_0434Yes – instead of a limo we had horses pulling a wagon!  It was fabulous!KF 0191 - Copy100_0445Thousands of bubbles awaited us at my in-law’s farm between the ceremony and the reception.  We had to have a really early ceremony and most of the guests were from out of town so we served beer and appetizers at my in-laws farm before heading to the reception.  It was definitely a hit.100_0448My beautiful sister-in-law, Karma.HPIM0565First dance.  We only had professional photographer’s for the wedding and a bit longer after that.  All our reception pictures were taken by friends with digitals or using the disposable ones we put out on the table.KF 0070My gorgeous bridesmaids!KF 0092I just LOVED my cascading bouquet!  It was so beautiful – it did weigh a TON though!KF 0102Jared’s groomsmen and our ushers.KF 0187 - CopyBoth of my Grandma Grace’s.KF 0193I love this picture of me hugging my godfather – Uncle Tom.KF 0198Jared was miraculously totally relaxed before the ceremony.KF 0212My mom and brother.P6250083KF 0218 - CopyJared and his parents!KF 0250My dad walked me down the aisle. KF 0324 - CopyKF 0385KF 0493 - CopyKF 0080Natalie, my maid of honor.KF 0500 - CopyKF 0526KF 0578I just love this picture – I truly think we were caught off guard for it too.KF 0580 - CopyGrandpa was so proud of this tractor!  He cleaned it up all nice for us for pictures.KF 0596 - CopyP6250058

Two of my crazy bridesmaids.P62n50006-001P625000n4Grandpa was really excited to ride with us on the wagon ride from my in-law’s to the reception…he was so cute!  When we stopped at a bar he made sure to help all the ladies down the steps.P6250022The three Frank’s all together.  Love this picture of ‘Frank’ Jared and his dad and grandpa.P6250123

It was truly… a perfect day.

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