A Closer Look at Bonus Project QUILTING Fat Quarter Shop Bundle Challenge–Part 1

Nine amazing quilts were created for the BONUS Project Quilting Challenge: Fat Quarter Shop Fabric Bundle – Tradition Times Three.  Today we’re going to take a closer look at four of them.

1. iPad Bag 5, 2. Red Sky at Night - large fish, 3. Project Quilting-Tradition Times Three, 4. Squares All Around

fatquartershop bundleRemember – each participant started with the same 12 fabrics.  They had to use at least 10 of them and could add up to two other ones to their quilted piece.  I just love seeing how so many different pieces came from the same beginning!






Quilter: Stephanie Rowlands

iPad Bag

iPad Messenger Bag from Dresden Plate blocks

I cut rectangles from large Dresden Plate blocks (made with the blue fabrics) to make the front and back panels of the bag. Then I used all the red fabrics to create a single wedge and quilted it onto a blue panel for the flap and echoed it with white stitching. And for the third use of the Dresden Plate block, I cut 26 pieces from all the fabrics used in the bag and created a strip alternating left and right every 3 pieces to make the strap. In the spirit of the nautical theme, I embellished with large silver eyelets and red carabineer's. The bag is 8 1/2 x 10 x 2" with an inside divider to help keep the iPad in place and to give room for other items. The inside also contains a pocket with 3 divisions - one especially for my iPhone.


Quilter: For Quilts Sake

Red Sky at Night


Red Sky at Night"

Made by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, May 2013 for Project Quilting Bonus Challenge, "Tradition Times Three."

16.25" x 29.75"

My creative process and how I made it:

Because some of the fabrics have a water theme, I wanted to use a square that also had a nautical theme. I looked through Maggie Malone’s "5,500 Quilt Block Design" and found the "Sailboat" block. I noticed if I made a small alteration and turned the block on it’s side it looks like a fish (diagram on my blog, address below). In the spirit of the challenge when I made the sailboat block, I made the altered block even though it isn't obvious because I used the same fabric for all three pieces.

I added two medium blues (the second to the bottom and third to the bottom on my quilt) because I thought the lighter blues needed something between them and the the navy blue. There were two fabrics I didn’t use because they had too much contrast but I did use them on the back of the quilt.

The three traditional blocks are 12" square (the sailboat), 6" square and 4" square (the fish). I enjoyed using the direction of the striped fabrics for the boat and for the fish but I didn't like using the checkerboard fabric…the squares are exactly square and one piece got turned sideways and it didn't line up.

I use a scalloped quilting line for all of the quilting: the waves in the water (variegated blue), the fins on the red part of the fish (red), on the boat and the sail (cream), and in the red background on an angle to represent the wind pushing the sails (cream).

I did a facing for the binding and added two buttons for eyes on the fish.

For more info visit my blog at:

Quilter: Vroomans Quilts

Project Quilting-Tradition Times Three

Dutchman’s Puzzle

I chose the Dutchman's Puzzle as my traditional block. Made the 12" block, used the trims to make the 8" block, used the trims to make the 4" blocks. I didn't use the two browns in the bundle, added Kona White and "Coast Lines" P&B Textiles - lighthouses. Created by Sharon Vroomans-VroomansQuilts, SchoharieNY size-44.5" x 58.5"


Quilter: Diane Lapacek

Squares All Around

Courthouse Steps

I chose courthouse steps for my traditional block and updated the look by having each fabric make a complete round. I used it in 4 different sizes: 4", 6", 8", and 12". To make the look a little less red, white and blue and a little less nautical, I added a floral print and a dark batik to the 12 fabrics in the bundle.

Finished size is 43" x 55".

Created by Diane Lapacek in Poynette, WI.


I’ll be posting closer looks at the other quilts created for the challenge soon!  Stop back!

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