Capri’s 4K Celebration

I hope everyone had a nice Sunday!  Mine was great – I sewed all day…I think I’m actually going to get my scrappy trip along all pieced and ready for quilting by tomorrow night!  We had a few ‘big’ days in June with the family and I wanted to share with you some photo’s from those days.  Tonight – we’re going to take a peak at some pictures from Capri’s 4K Celebration.IMG_9282Here is Capri with her wonderful teachers Ms. Carol and Ms. Amy!IMG_9283Capri and her best friend Peyton.IMG_9285One shot I got of the kids on stage waiting to sing.  It was  a bit of a mad house with parents scrunching in trying to get pictures.  They sang three songs along with choreography – super cute!IMG_9300Here Capri is getting her ‘graduation’ certificate from her teachers.IMG_9304Papa got off work early so he could be there with Capri for her celebration.IMG_9305Here’s Capri with her ‘boyfriend’ Wyatt.  IMG_9309and with Wyatt and Peyton..I think Wyatt’s pretty happy here.IMG_9321And – a group picture of Capri with her 4K class.IMG_9328

Wyatt is pretty into Capri.  I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be pulling this picture out again in 20 or 25 years for a special slideshow…

The girls are getting too big too fast!  I can’t believe that next year two of the three will be in school full time!


And since it’s Sunday…here’s a little haiku


It is hot outside

but cool down in my basement

perfect for sewing

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