Photo’s from Pip’s 2nd Birthday

I just realized I never posted pictures from Pip’s 2nd Birthday celebration…so here are a few…just super late…

Before we get to too many pictures of the day I have to show you my montage of PIp and I…

me and pipHere I am very early in the morning the day I had Pip…Jared couldn’t believe that I was actually making him take a picture of me before we left for the hospital since I was having contractions.  If you like to read birth stories…I wrote Pip’s out HERE.

pip and i one

Here are Pip and I on her first birthday.


And here we are on Pip’s 2nd birthday.IMG_7076Okay – now time for some ‘Birthday Girl’ pictures.  Pip was very excited to be opening her presents this year.IMG_7077She absolutely loved the Cabbage Patch Doll her sisters gave her.IMG_7084The $1 water bottle from Target was a big hit as well – seriously.IMG_7088I love this picture of me with Pip!IMG_7090And – here I am surrounded by all three of my beautiful girls!IMG_7093Did I mention that Pip really liked her cabbage patch doll?IMG_7099I wasn’t joking…she really likes it!IMG_7105

I think this awkward photo of Pip and her Papa is pretty fabulous as well.IMG_7118It was time for the cake!  Pip tried to blow it out from far away…IMG_7120The she got a little closer and tried again..IMG_7122She really felt bad that those darn candles were still burning!IMG_7127Once we helped Pip blow out her candles she dug right in and enjoyed her cake!IMG_7136

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  1. You have such a sweet family and a blessed life! Happy Birthday Pip!


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