The Outer Banks of North Carolina–Part 2

The Beach

We spent the majority of our time at the beach on our vacation.  The water was a bit cold but we all had fun anyway.  I tried to just show you my favorites…but there may be a few…

Cedi wanted to be buried in the sand…

Pip decided to make herself comfortable on top of her…

We spent a lot of time collecting shells…

Even Pip got into it…

Did I mention…we saw DOLPHINS playing in the ocean as we were sitting/walking along the beach…MULTIPLE TIMES!  It was SO COOL!

Cedi lost one of her front teeth in the beginning of our trip.  The tooth fairy found her in North Carolina.

  I can’t decide if I like this picture of the girls best…or

This one…  Which do you prefer – the top or the bottom?

Jared was so cute with his girls the whole trip…I love seeing him with them – makes my heart melt all the time.

We let Pip skip a lot of her nap times to play on the beach.  It was nice though because she usually took a snuggle break…

At first Pip was afraid of the loud waves, but by a few days into the week…she was a pro!

The water was pretty cold but Jared invented a ‘water slide’ but not really.  They set the chair where the waves were coming in and get splashed.  The rush of it all was pretty cool and there were some really good soakers in there!

Pip just makes me want to squeal!

Capri took this picture of Pip and I!  Love it!

Okay…I may have to do a second beach post…I still have a few more I want to share…I cant help it – the trip was incredible!


  1. Beach is the best! I like the top one best because the smiles blinded me with happiness! I love that you have lifevests on your girls! So smart!

  2. Photo a is my favorite!


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