The Outer Banks of North Carolina–Part 5

I think this will be my last photo post thought this would be the last photo post of our incredible trip to North Carolina.  But – I got so many great shots of our last night on the beach I’m saving a few shots from our trip home for a sixth post.  Sorry about that!

Back to the Beach

On our last full day in the Outer Banks we decided to spend it at the beach.

IMG_0212All the girls were ready to play in the waves.IMG_0189We let Pip skip her nap but she did some extra special beach cuddling with us for her break.IMG_0217Papa invented a fun thing to do.  He put his chair so the waves would get him and held one of the girls in his lap.  It was pretty cool actually.  The water was too cold to be in it all the time but this was great.IMG_0232Pip taking a rest on her Papa.IMG_0235I just love babies in bikini’s with their belly’s hanging out!  I can’t help it!IMG_0250Capri took this picture of Pip and I!IMG_8960Cedi and Pip.IMG_8965Capri and PipIMG_8966I was going to just post this picture with both the girls and Pip but I just think they’re all so cute!IMG_8970On our last night at the beach we went out for a walk around 7:30ish.  Just before it got dark and prime shell finding time.  Next time we go we’ll be taking walks on the beach at this time EVERY night – it was seriously so perfect!IMG_8978

A family photo.IMG_8997Cedi wrote ‘The Lpapcek famele fodo sut!’ on the sand ;)IMG_8992Cedi and her Aunt Karma.IMG_9008I tried to get all three girls to hold hands and run/walk down the beach…this was the best that I could get which I’m happy with.IMG_9027The girls and I all put on matching ‘Mako Mike’ tattoo’s.  IMG_9057On the final walk of the beach Pip passed out!  It was adorable!  but heavy.IMG_9082And we had to get a family shot under the pier.IMG_9088

Pure bliss.

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