The Outer Banks of North Carolina–Part 6

This is my final post with photo’s from our family vacation – I promise.

Going Home

The last day of our trip arrived and we decided that before we left on our 18+ hour journey in the van home, we would watch the sunrise over the ocean at the beach we spent so many hours at that week.

  Karma, the big girls and myself headed down first and watched the crabs playing in the sand.

Papa and Pip did the final load of the van and the check through the house before they came down.

The view when when we arrived…

Aunt Karma, Pip, Capri and the sixth member of our family – bear…deep in conversation.

The  first sliver of the sun is peaking over the horizon.

This was such a breathtakingly beautiful moment.

Check out this cute baby Pip in PJ’s on the beach!  What a great ending to a fabulous trip!

The sun is up – it was time to say good-bye…

We watched the sunrise in North Carolina and we watched it set as we drove through Chicago.

We had originally planned to stop after about 12 hours of driving, get a hotel and let the girls swim.  Well – they were doing so well in the van we asked if they wanted to just drive through and make it home that night.  After promising them a ‘camp out’ on the futon with a movie when we returned and squishing Baby Pip between them for the last stretch, we were headed home.  We made it home just after 11 our time, just over 18 hours in the van.  It was good to be home but I will always remember our 2013 trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina as one of the best.

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