Port Washington, Wisconsin

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!  This post will have LOTS of pictures!  This is why I don’t scrapbook – I can never decide which ones are ‘the best’ and need to be shown…so you get to see lots of them!

When we were enjoying our time at the beach in North Carolina back at the end of May – I realized that my kids have no idea that I grew up at the beach.  And we had a lighthouse, and beautiful views.  My parents moved from the home I grew up in when they retired to be closer to their family.  Which is awesome but it means we get back to Port Washington, WI, way less than we used to.  When I had this realization I vowed that at least one day every summer we’d go and spend it in Port Washington.  So, last Friday morning, I packed up the van and the three girls and we headed to good old PW.

IMG_9715At our first stop – we picked up one of my best friends and Capri’s godmother – Aunt Kaitra.  She didn’t have to work so we were able to spend our entire fun day with her.  We made a quick stop at Java Dock for some refreshments and a surprise visit to one of my High School Friends Nichole before we headed to a new Port Washington fixture (at least new to me) – Possibility Playground.IMG_9724  The girls all had an amazing time at this new playground which is new to the Upper Lake Bluff Area – just a short walk from the house I grew up in. IMG_9731Pip’s adorable romper is from The MeasureIMG_9742Cedi helped keep an eye on Pip.  They had a lot of fun making music.

IMG_9736And of course, Cedi the monkey spent a lot of time on the monkey bars.

IMG_9738Aunt Kaitra (not really their aunt) surprised us all by showing us she could still hang upside down on the monkey bars.  We also met up with another friend of mine and her three adorable kids at the playground.  We spent most of the rest of the day with them…don’t worry – super cute picture of all six kids just below…

IMG_9755The girls and I with the lighthouse and harbor behind us.  I wasn’t kidding – my hometown is gorgeous!

IMG_9757Kaitra and Capri!

IMG_9759We had lunch with Kaitra, Stef and her kiddo’s at Harry’s downtown Port Washington.  I don’t think it’s changed since I’d been there but it was the perfect place for us all to eat.  port 10After lunch we headed to South Beach.  This beach is newly opened.  Wport washingtone used to have to walk around the sewage treatment plant (on the left) to get to North Beach – which you still can do – but it was much nicer to park in a lot and walk right onto the beach without the sewage smell.  Above is me with my girls from High School – Nichole and Stef!

port 4Here is a photo of all the kiddo’s!  If you would have asked Stef and I in the summer of 2001 if in 12 years we’d be getting together with our six kids we never would have believed it!  But we did and it was super fun!

port 5Kaitra and I!

port 2A view of the harbor from the start of the pier walk.  On our next trip we plan to walk out to the light house.  We just ran out of time and energy this trip.

port 3

And here is a picture of the church I grew up going to, St. Mary’s.  We ended our trip with a visit to a new popcorn store where Kaitra’s Dad, Marty (who was one of my first bosses), treated the girls and I to some delicious popcorn.  We dropped Kaitra off at home, said sad good-byes for now, and headed out.  The three girls were all sleeping before we left the city limits.  It was a perfect day.

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