Friday Apple Update

For some reason I think it might be easier to do my apple updates on Friday’s.  Although – when we get busy I may miss a week and just do them on my ‘off’ day – Monday.  Anyway – it’s been HOT at the orchard but there’s still fun being had!


My Sauce-sational Analysis continues!  Check out what I thought of the sauce the ‘Chenango Strawberry’ made by going HERE.  I’ll be posting about how the Sansa’s turned out my blog tomorrow morning.

IMG_0483We had a chicken lay a very LARGE egg.  See who won the bet on how many yolks were inside it when it was cracked open!


IMG_2234We got Grandpa to take a minute and have his picture taken with Cedi and Capri in our new Photo Booth.

IMG_2215And I talked about our new ‘shopping cart’ at the orchard – aka a shelving unit to store their goodies until they’re ready to check out.

We’ll be starting our ‘September’ hours next week and a bunch of apple varieties are about to ripen.  It should be even more fun out here with everyone discovering new varieties of apples they like and enjoying the new areas we have set up around the orchard for play.

A Lovely Year of Finishes–August FINISHES

YEAH!  That’s right I have FINISHED my goals for August – and yes – I have two days left until they had to be done!

My Button

Goal 1 – Bind my Scrappy Trip Along


IMG_1781All I had to do was bind my Scrappy Trip Along. I bound it with different scraps of red fabrics.  Well – when there are 414 inches to bind it takes a bit.  It was half way through the month and I was making very little progress on the hand stitching part of the binding.  So, I made a goal.  Every night I had to hand stitch one arms length of thread on the binding.  It took about 10 nights…but I did it!  My scrappy trip along is finishedIMG_2186!


Goal 2 – Baby Quilt for an Expecting Friend

A good friend of mine from my childhood is expecting her first baby.  I was unable to make it to her baby shower but I had to make her new bundle a quilt!  The jig is up though – she reads my blog and figured out this quilt is for her baby!  That’s okay – I’ve never been good with secrets nor have I never wanted to be.

IMG_2132Most of the quilting is simple straight line quilting but I did a little Free Motion Quilting to put ‘Baby Madsen’ under the book shelf. TIMG_2138

And here it is.  FINISHED!  The bookshelf fabric is ‘Study in Tawny Plum’ from Alexander Henry’s Somerville line – I bought it at Hawthorne’s Thread.  Does anyone know what charm pack I used!?  I can’t remember and no longer have the wrapping…


I backed the quilt in a cozy pink floral flannel.  It should be arriving in my friends mailbox any day now…  I can’t wait to hear what she thinks AND I can’t wait to hear the news of her little bundle expected to arrive in just a few weeks!


Next – I need to think about my goals for September…hmmm….

Tula Pink City Sampler Progress Blocks 37 to 42

I love these little 6.5” blocks!  I am thinking this sampler is what’s going to keep me sane during apple season.  Of course I can find time to piece at least three 6.5” bocks a week…right!?

Anyway – here is a closer look at my blocks 37 through 42!

Tula Pink No 37No 37

 Tula Pink No 38 No 38Tula Pink No. 39

No 39No 40

No 40No 41

No. 41 No 42

No 42

Which of these six blocks is YOUR favorite!?

Sew Sweetness

Friday Apple Update

I’m already off schedule! Completely forgot to post my apple update on Wednesday!  Oh well – better late than never!  So – what’s been happening at the orchard since my last update?  LOTS!


I did a bunch of ‘Preview’ mini interviews on vendors that will be out our orchard this Sunday for the 3rd Annual Craft-Apple-Ar.  We have a really great crowd of artists, crafters, and vintage coming!

My ‘Saucesational Applesauce Analysis’ continued with one of our newer varieties – the Red Gravenstein.



Cedi and I made a delicious apple crisp using one of our own pre-packaged mixes available in the shop.

cider cory

photo taken by Friends in Photography

And yesterday afternoon (due to a rainy morning) Jared, Cedi and I pressed the first batch of delicious, unpasteurized apple cider of the season.

We’ve had lots of folks coming to visit us to pick up fresh apples, caramel apples, and to pick their own raspberries.  So far – the season has been refreshing and fun!  It’s great to see how excited people are to have fresh apples again and it’s nice to know that we can provide that to them.  Not only do we sell our apples from our store but we have some great partnerships with schools and restaurants too.

Pip in Boots

My two year old is an adorable little stinker who pretty much does whatever she wants.  Luckily, she’s super adorable!  I was lucky enough to shoot this little ‘mini’ session of her playing around in her older sisters boots.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Pip in Boots







Dirty Girl

Yesterday I was part of a great team of ladies who finished the Dirty Girl 5K Fun Run.  It was a fabulous time!R1-08713-0007Throughout the run there were different obstacles we had to go through.R1-08712-010AThis one we climbed to the top of a large blown up obstacle and then slid down into a mud pit.R1-08713-0020R1-08712-009AWe all were super muddy after that!R1-08712-015AR1-08713-0016

Nothing like a nice refreshing swim through muddy water.dirty girl

And here we are at the end of the event!

Fall Mini Photo Sessions with Karmen Linder Photography

at Lapacek’s Orchard!  I’m completely double posting this blog on this blog and my orchard blog…you’ll see why below…

We love to have photographer’s use our orchard for photo shoots!  One of those fabulous photographers that comes often is Karmen Linder of Karmen Linder Photography.  She stopped by on Wednesdays to see how the orchard was looking and then she grabbed my girls for a quick 5 minute shoot…

klp apple mini

My jaw dropped when I saw these posted…amazing! (And seriously – I WANT that blue velvet chair!  No idea where it would fit in my house but who cares!?  It’s fabulous!)

I don’t know about you all, but I’m SO READY for school to start!  Don’t get me wrong – we had an amazing summer with tons of new memories made, but the girls need to be SEPERATED!  I think they’ve just had enough of each other and I know I’ve had enough of their bickering.  To add to it all, apple season has started so they’re stuck hanging out with us all the time which also means with each other!  So, when Karmen asked if they’d do the shoot of course I said sure.  We ran in, threw on some adorable Matilda Jane outfits, had about three meltdowns deciding what to wear, combed our hair, over sprayed leave in conditioner in our hair, sprayed our sister in the eye ‘accidently’ with conditioner, had a few more meltdowns, and finally made it out to the orchard 15 minutes before Karmen had to leave for a clients shoot.  I sent them out in the orchard, took a deep breathe, and let Karmen work her magic.  All I can say is ‘Wow’!

So…anyway…if you want to snag a mini session with Karmen check out her google doc schedule HERE and see what she can do with your lovely children!  I personally love getting my kids shot at this time of year because I can easily get pictures for Christmas Cards and it’s not too far away from Christmas that they’d change too much before the card went out.

A Lovely Year of Finishes–Mid August Check In

My ButtonI am so happy that I kept my goals to a minimum this month!  I think it’s still going to be a challenge just getting these done…but I’m sure it will happen!

Goal 1 – Bind my Scrappy Trip Along


The binding has been machine sewn to the quilt.  I did maybe a quarter of the hand stitching during gymnastics tonight.  I’m sure I’ll get it done.

Goal 2 – Baby Quilt for an Expecting Friend

A good friend of mine from my childhood is expecting her first baby.  I was unable to make it to her baby shower but I still plan on making her new bundle a quilt!


The top is pieced!  I just have to baste, quilt and bind!  It’s not very big so it shouldn’t be too much to get this done.  I’m really happy with how cute it’s looking so far!


Alright – wish me luck! 16 days to go!

Apple Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday night everyone!  I know many of you are aware that the reason I’m not blogging as much as normal is because it’s apple season!  My family owns and operates an apple orchard near Madison, Wisconsin so the next month and a half is extremely crazy for me.  So – I don’t want you all to loose interest in me and I’m still going to try to post sewing related posts as well, but one day a week I plan to do an ‘apple summary’ for you all on what’s been going on so you can either check it out or stop back later…How does this sound?

I’m going to start by posting on Wednesday’s but this day may change depending on what we have going on in that particular week.


Week 7 of Kids in the Garden was interrupted by a sudden rain storm.  We still found a way to have some fun stuck in the shed anyway!


Our whole family had a great time walking in the local parade a few weeks ago…it was our first time but definitely not the last!IMG_1606

We had a wonderful last day of Kids in the Garden with some beautiful weather and delicious treats made from fruits and vegetables the kids helped us grow all summer!

sorting applesThe three girls helped there dad, pick, sort, and bag the very first apples of the season on Saturday!  It’s crazy how big they’re getting…and how much patience Jared has with them!IMG_1581

I continued my ‘Sauce-sational Experiment’ with Duchess apples – you can see what I thought HERE.


We have the delicious ‘Slide’ Food Cart joining us for our big ‘Craft-Apple-Ar’ event on August 25th.


Our relatives just opened up a new winery –Rock N Wool Winery -  a few miles from us.  We had a great visit there this past Saturday trying out wines and getting a tour of all the work they’ve done.

barley pop

One of our biggest restaurant supporters – Monty’s Blue Plate Diner – is hosting their annual ‘Farm Hop Barley Pop’ event filled with farm tours, a gourmet local food dinner and live music!


So…can you see why it’s been a bit difficult to find time for sewing… That’s okay though – I still have been doing some hand work here and there and sneaking small bits of sewing in when I can.  I refuse to give up!

A Vineyard Wedding

A few weekends ago, all three of my beautiful girls were flower girls in a the lovely wedding of Shaun & Maria – Jared’s cousins.  I wanted to share with you some of the pictures I snapped of that day.

IMG_1017My three lovies!IMG_1023The girls with cousin Kim (aka Pip’s godmother).IMG_1026It turns out I can french braid hair…IMG_1030And here’s the back of Capri’s.IMG_1081I didn’t even attempt to braid Pip’s hair.  Here she is messing with her godmother – love this shot!IMG_1092Jared was an usher and looked awesome in his pink shirt and white linen pants.IMG_1093The girls and me!IMG_1136The wedding party!IMG_1147The lovely newly weds…IMG_1162#manyfacesofpipIMG_1204-001and another #manyfacesofpipIMG_1277Here come the flower girls!IMG_1278Another one of my favorites.IMG_1290-001

For a wedding at the end of July it was quite chilly!  Luckily one of the guest had a coat the girls could borrow for the ceremony!


The pigeons released at the end of the ceremony…
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