Fall Mini Photo Sessions with Karmen Linder Photography

at Lapacek’s Orchard!  I’m completely double posting this blog on this blog and my orchard blog…you’ll see why below…

We love to have photographer’s use our orchard for photo shoots!  One of those fabulous photographers that comes often is Karmen Linder of Karmen Linder Photography.  She stopped by on Wednesdays to see how the orchard was looking and then she grabbed my girls for a quick 5 minute shoot…

klp apple mini

My jaw dropped when I saw these posted…amazing! (And seriously – I WANT that blue velvet chair!  No idea where it would fit in my house but who cares!?  It’s fabulous!)

I don’t know about you all, but I’m SO READY for school to start!  Don’t get me wrong – we had an amazing summer with tons of new memories made, but the girls need to be SEPERATED!  I think they’ve just had enough of each other and I know I’ve had enough of their bickering.  To add to it all, apple season has started so they’re stuck hanging out with us all the time which also means with each other!  So, when Karmen asked if they’d do the shoot of course I said sure.  We ran in, threw on some adorable Matilda Jane outfits, had about three meltdowns deciding what to wear, combed our hair, over sprayed leave in conditioner in our hair, sprayed our sister in the eye ‘accidently’ with conditioner, had a few more meltdowns, and finally made it out to the orchard 15 minutes before Karmen had to leave for a clients shoot.  I sent them out in the orchard, took a deep breathe, and let Karmen work her magic.  All I can say is ‘Wow’!

So…anyway…if you want to snag a mini session with Karmen check out her google doc schedule HERE https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u0YG5zLdvuxB487JAlwntI6VhrtRJ5kAdQXuruIEuAY/edit?pli=1 and see what she can do with your lovely children!  I personally love getting my kids shot at this time of year because I can easily get pictures for Christmas Cards and it’s not too far away from Christmas that they’d change too much before the card went out.

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