Friday Apple Update

For some reason I think it might be easier to do my apple updates on Friday’s.  Although – when we get busy I may miss a week and just do them on my ‘off’ day – Monday.  Anyway – it’s been HOT at the orchard but there’s still fun being had!


My Sauce-sational Analysis continues!  Check out what I thought of the sauce the ‘Chenango Strawberry’ made by going HERE.  I’ll be posting about how the Sansa’s turned out my blog tomorrow morning.

IMG_0483We had a chicken lay a very LARGE egg.  See who won the bet on how many yolks were inside it when it was cracked open!


IMG_2234We got Grandpa to take a minute and have his picture taken with Cedi and Capri in our new Photo Booth.

IMG_2215And I talked about our new ‘shopping cart’ at the orchard – aka a shelving unit to store their goodies until they’re ready to check out.

We’ll be starting our ‘September’ hours next week and a bunch of apple varieties are about to ripen.  It should be even more fun out here with everyone discovering new varieties of apples they like and enjoying the new areas we have set up around the orchard for play.

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