Haircuts–First and School

School is less than a month away!  I can hardly believe it!  Which means – everyone needed a haircut!  Now – this was Pip’s very first haircut.  With the first two girls I never minded cutting there hair.  Cedi’s grew really weird and mullet like so I was chopping away at it all the time to even things out.  Capri never had hair until she was 2 so by the time it really needed a cut it was not a big deal.  Now Pip – Pip has always had a lot of hair!  It started out dark and now it’s long, blonde and was pretty wispy.  It needed a healthy trim.  We went to Shannon at the Premiere of Windsor to get the job done right.

IMG_1410Pip was not too sure about this entire situation.IMG_1412The cape didn’t help…IMG_1415But we did get at least one smile from her.IMG_1419And it helped that her sisters were right there by her side the whole time.IMG_1431Not too bad…IMG_1433But, it wasn’t long before she was ready to be done and get out of the chair.IMG_1439Here’s Pip with her nice healthy freshly cut hair!IMG_1436Capri’s turn!IMG_1438She had a bit more hair.  She got the ends trimmed off just to make it healthy again.IMG_1441Cedi had some shorter hair from when I cut it earlier in the summer. We just asked that it be cut evenly and so it would ‘flip’ properly….IMG_1444I tried really hard to get the girls to stand together for a picture…IMG_1446It wasn’t working…IMG_1448I almost got 2 of the 3…IMG_1449and then the ballet moves started…IMG_1450

and didn’t stop.

Anyway – there hair is cut!  One thing is checked off the long list of pre-school activities to complete!


  1. We're doing this in a week! Sarelle's first cut to get rid of the mullet and Maizie's cut for school!

    You should check out Scooops over at Hilldale....pretty inexpensive ($15) for kids 5 & under and the salon is really cool! Plus then they get ice cream. :)

  2. Your girls must bring you joy daily! They always look happy and full of fun!


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