A Lovely Year of Finishes–September Completions



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Goal 1.

tulapink book

My big goal this month was to keep up with the ‘Tula Pink Modern City Sampler’ Quilt Along.


I did it!  15 blocks complete!  Blocks 43 to 57!  Woot woot!

Goal 2 & 3.


My goal was to make one set of ‘Hearts for Susie’ pillowcases and I’m going to combine that with the ‘An Apple A Day…’ Project QUILTING Challenge.  I’ve sold a couple of these quilted heart pillowcases and a few patterns since I launched my ‘Hearts for Susie’ campaign but I think I need to get some more pillows in stock.

So…I didn’t quite finish these two goals.  I DID however manage to piece the tops for the pillows…

IMG_2490Pillow top one pieced – apple fabric heart with green leaf print around it…IMG_2488Pillow top two pieced – apple fabric heart with a fun brown typographic print around it…IMG_2489Pillow top three – green and brown fabrics as hearts with scrappy apple and brown/green fabric background.  I discovered that I don’t have to make two of the same colored pillows first…I can do two different and still make the pieces left mesh into the squatty heart pillow just fine.

All I have left to do is quilt the tops and add the pillow-cased background.  It didn’t happen this month but I did try…I really did… (Can you guess what one of my October goals may be?)

How did your September goals go?

Tula Pink City Sampler–Blocks 55 to 57

I have a my ‘Lovely Year of Finishes’ post planned for tomorrow so I’m going to share with you my Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Along blocks today instead of Monday!

No 55

Block 55.

I’m going to be completely honest…I’m typing this post while I watch my girls’ at gymnastics and I may have blocks 56 and 57 switched around…sorry about that!No 56 Block 56.No 57

Bock 57.

Which block is your favorite of these three scrappy blocks?

Sew Sweetness

Scrappy Trip Along–FINISHED

Scrappy Trip Along FINISHED!Finished!  I join in on the #scrappytripalong trend a month or two later than everyone else but once I started I was hooked!  The only ‘consistent’ thing I did when making my blocks was having a fabric that read ‘red’ go down the center diagonal.  I tried to go light-dark-light-dark…etc throughout the rest of the block but if that didn’t happen I wasn’t too worried.  When I laid out my 72 blocks for final piecing I decided that my ‘pattern’ would be just that three red corners had to touch.  When I did that I got this cool maze-esque looking design.  I’m super happy with it!Scrappy Trip Along FINISHED!Once it was all pieced, I sent it to my Aunt Barb Raisbeck of Quilts by Barb for quilting.  She choose a great geometric print that goes really nicely with the quilt.  Scrappy Trip Along FINISHED!Barb also picked out a backing for the quilt from her collection – a fantastic black and white stripe.  I bound the quilt in various red fabrics.Scrappy Trip Along FINISHED!

It was so big I had to have my husband Jared help me pin it to our deer fence for it’s photo.  And even still – it laid on the ground a tad.

I’ll probably be listing this quilt in my etsy shop soon – stay tuned!

Tula Pink City Sampler–Blocks 52 to 54

It’s Monday!  Happy Monday!  That means we get to see how my Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Along blocks are coming along…

No 52

Block 52

No 53

Block 53

No 54

Block 54 – I’m so loving this one!

Which block is your favorite of these three scrappy blocks?

Sew Sweetness

2013 Quilt Expo

I realized that I haven’t posted about having THREE Quilts in the 2013 Madison Quilt Expo this year yet!  Quilt Expo always happens at a bad time for me…apple season…but if I get a quilt (or 3) into the show I get to leave the orchard a few hours before close so I can ‘run’ through the show, see my quilts hanging and then pick them up.
Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt

Local Foods Grow Strong Communities

and Home Sweet Home all made it into the show.  It was honor just to be accepted and even cooler to see them hanging.  I still have people stopping in the apple store and commenting on how they saw my quilts at the show.  I have to admit – it feels pretty good!

I did get to walk through the whole show quickly though.  I saw the quilts my mother-in-law’s two quilts hanging beautifully in the show…

And so many others caught my eye and inspired me!  I managed to snap a few photo’s of some of them on my phone.  It was a really great, inspiring show.  If only I had a little more time…

Up to my Ears in Apples!

Apple season is officially in full swing.  We grow almost 60 varieties of apples at our orchard and we currently have 22 varieties in our shop, including the Honeycrisp.  Folks around here seem pretty happy with all the delicious apples!  We are in full on ‘Apples to School’ mode as well as working with a couple of local restaurants to provide fresh, delicious apples for their menus.  It’s been a really rewarding partnership year for us and I love to see how things just seem to ‘happen’ once communication lines are open.  I have also recently heard a few instances where people refer to our orchard as ‘my orchard’.   I love it!  I love that folks feel that comfortable and at home here!

photo by Friends in Photography

I have continued with my Experiments in Applesauce.  This past week I shared my thoughts and observations about the Wealthy apple and the Jonamac.

With the business LOTS of recipe’s have been posted this week to get and/or keep people excited about the fresh apples, raspberries and pears we have to offer right now!

5 seed

My cousin’s wife, Kerry, write’s an amazing foodie blog and has become a regular guest blogger at the orchard blog.  Find out how to make 5-seed Applesauce Bread

raspberry scones

And Raspberry Scones!

I found some old cookbooks with some interesting recipes on them so you can expect to find a new recipe each Sunday from those.  This week I shared the Apple Butter Bundt Cake Recipe.


I baked a little this week – see how easy it is to make delicious Chocolate Raspberry Sauce Brownies!  Numm!

The weather makes me think we should have a pretty decent weekend at the orchard – definitely starting to feel like fall!   Pressing cider is on tap for tonight and making apple cider donuts is in the books for tomorrow…

Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Along–Blocks 49 to 51

Let’s take a quick look at three more of my scrappy blocks I made for the Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Along

no 49

No 49No 50

No 50 – this block is straight…my photography skills are not always the best…No 51

No 51- I LOVE this awesome blue print – my friend Sharon gave me the scraps of this fabric.  She was using it in her quilt and I couldn’t stop gushing…perfect for a scrappy quilt!

Which block is your favorite of these three scrappy blocks?

Sew Sweetness

The Story of my Brother’s Quilt

The quilt I made for my brother has gone through many transformation over the years.  Yes. Years.

squarey quilt

When I started making this ‘Squarey Quilt’ 8 years ago, my initial intention was to give it to my brother.  As I worked on it…I discovered that I was too in love with it to part with it.  It’s still on my bed today.  Ooops.

So…it turns out he did really want a quilt.  And I wanted to make him a quilt.  We just have very different taste so it was hard for me to get into.  Finally, in May of 2012 I pulled some fabrics.

Fabrics for my Brother's QuiltHe requested white with cool colors.  I’m sure many of you are already scratching your head if you are familiar with the quilts I typically create.

My first thought was to do all different blocks and create a really modern looking sampler…

So I made…

A twist on my block - for my brother's quilt this block…a modified version of the block I designed “Presents Under the TreeBlock 2 - Brian's Quilt this block…a twist on the granny square block going around…Block 3 - Brian's Quilt

this block…a modernized log cabin I created…

Dancing StarAnd this block, the dancing star.

4 blocks of my brother's quilt

I was really liking how these blocks were all looking but something just wasn’t quite right.  It was taking me forever between each block and I didn’t have an ‘end’ in sight…

Then we went to visit my brother.  His apartment was very white…and black. There were no cool colors in it…just black and white.  I decided to change directions completely.

Brian's Quilt I started working on my new plan for Brian’s quilt in July.  I completely changed my fabric choices and pattern design.  Brian's Quilt Top Pieced! Using my own pattern with the aid of EQ7 I came up with this modern, geometric, white quilt for my brother.  I had the top pieced by the end of July.  It turns out…as always…I just needed to ‘feel’ the quilt so I could actually finish it.  It ended up being black and white with just pops of cool blues and greens.  My Brother's Quilt

By the end of August, it was back from Quilts by Barb, all quilted.  She did a swirly all over patterns with random ‘snowflake’ like designs here and there.  My brother is a big snowboarder and I think this awesome touch of ‘flakes’ was the perfect touch!My Brother's QuiltI added a variegated black and white binding to it and put the stitches in the binding.  This past Monday I showed it at the ‘Show N Tell’ portion of my quilt guild.  Next week, it will be going home to my mom’s to be kept safe and sound until Christmas…away from six sticky little girl hands!  Everyone I’ve showed it too thinks Brian will love it…I really hope he does!


So…after all that…I’m pretty sure I have the perfect quilt for my brother made.  I just hope he thinks so too!  We’ll find out in December!

Capri is a Kindergartener

Capri’s first day of Kindergarten was sort of split in two.  On the same day Cedi started school, Capri had her Kindergarten Orientation.IMG_2282She decided her flower girl dress was perfect for orientation.IMG_2283IMG_2301Here’s Capri with her teacher.  Unfortunately her teacher is going to be on maternity leave until December.  Fortunately – her classroom as a fantastic long term sub!  Whew!IMG_2303

Her teacher read them a great story about the Night before Kindergarten. I LOVE her!IMG_2360So – this is ‘the’ first day dress Capri chose.IMG_2363IMG_2366Her and Cedi rode the bus for Capri’s first day.IMG_2372IMG_2388I think the hardest part is when they face the bus,take a deep breathe and start walking.IMG_2389Then they climb aboard.IMG_2392

And they don’t even look back.  They’re ready for school.

Bye Capri!  Have a good day!
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