2013 Quilt Expo

I realized that I haven’t posted about having THREE Quilts in the 2013 Madison Quilt Expo this year yet!  Quilt Expo always happens at a bad time for me…apple season…but if I get a quilt (or 3) into the show I get to leave the orchard a few hours before close so I can ‘run’ through the show, see my quilts hanging and then pick them up.
Amazing Technicolor Dream Quilt

Local Foods Grow Strong Communities

and Home Sweet Home all made it into the show.  It was honor just to be accepted and even cooler to see them hanging.  I still have people stopping in the apple store and commenting on how they saw my quilts at the show.  I have to admit – it feels pretty good!

I did get to walk through the whole show quickly though.  I saw the quilts my mother-in-law’s two quilts hanging beautifully in the show…

And so many others caught my eye and inspired me!  I managed to snap a few photo’s of some of them on my phone.  It was a really great, inspiring show.  If only I had a little more time…

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