A Lovely Year of Finishes–September Completions



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Goal 1.

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My big goal this month was to keep up with the ‘Tula Pink Modern City Sampler’ Quilt Along.


I did it!  15 blocks complete!  Blocks 43 to 57!  Woot woot!

Goal 2 & 3.


My goal was to make one set of ‘Hearts for Susie’ pillowcases and I’m going to combine that with the ‘An Apple A Day…’ Project QUILTING Challenge.  I’ve sold a couple of these quilted heart pillowcases and a few patterns since I launched my ‘Hearts for Susie’ campaign but I think I need to get some more pillows in stock.

So…I didn’t quite finish these two goals.  I DID however manage to piece the tops for the pillows…

IMG_2490Pillow top one pieced – apple fabric heart with green leaf print around it…IMG_2488Pillow top two pieced – apple fabric heart with a fun brown typographic print around it…IMG_2489Pillow top three – green and brown fabrics as hearts with scrappy apple and brown/green fabric background.  I discovered that I don’t have to make two of the same colored pillows first…I can do two different and still make the pieces left mesh into the squatty heart pillow just fine.

All I have left to do is quilt the tops and add the pillow-cased background.  It didn’t happen this month but I did try…I really did… (Can you guess what one of my October goals may be?)

How did your September goals go?

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  1. Congrats on keeping up with everything you had going on.


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