Orchard Update

Things are definitely picking up at the orchard. At this time we have seventeen different varieties of apples in our shop, donuts are being made every Friday night, cider on Thursdays, and caramel apples most every other night of the week.  But fun is still being had!


My little ‘Saucesational’ analysis continues…I have analyzed Sansa’s and Akane’s since my last update.  Coming soon is what I thought about the Wealthy and Jonamac apples.


We offer two different types of caramels – caramel topping and caramel coating and my blog tells everyone the difference…


There’s a new squash in town!  Check out what you can do with the Tromboncino squash!

The photo booth continues to provide random fun for our visitors – be sure to check out some great pictures taken!


Many of our customers have noticed that we’ve added on a bit since the 2012 season.  Read the story on how we upcycled and repurposed many things in order to add the ‘Francis Charles Addition’.

karmen 4
photo taken by Karmen Linder Photography

Lots of big plans this coming Saturday!  The morning starts with ‘Yoga in the Orchard’ and then my friend Nicole will be visiting with the Matilda Jane Trunk!  With the beautiful weather forecasted it should be a wonderful day!

karmen 2
photo taken by Karmen Linder Photography

Stay tuned for more news from the orchard!

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