Up to my Ears in Apples!

Apple season is officially in full swing.  We grow almost 60 varieties of apples at our orchard and we currently have 22 varieties in our shop, including the Honeycrisp.  Folks around here seem pretty happy with all the delicious apples!  We are in full on ‘Apples to School’ mode as well as working with a couple of local restaurants to provide fresh, delicious apples for their menus.  It’s been a really rewarding partnership year for us and I love to see how things just seem to ‘happen’ once communication lines are open.  I have also recently heard a few instances where people refer to our orchard as ‘my orchard’.   I love it!  I love that folks feel that comfortable and at home here!

photo by Friends in Photography

I have continued with my Experiments in Applesauce.  This past week I shared my thoughts and observations about the Wealthy apple and the Jonamac.

With the business LOTS of recipe’s have been posted this week to get and/or keep people excited about the fresh apples, raspberries and pears we have to offer right now!

5 seed

My cousin’s wife, Kerry, write’s an amazing foodie blog and has become a regular guest blogger at the orchard blog.  Find out how to make 5-seed Applesauce Bread

raspberry scones

And Raspberry Scones!

I found some old cookbooks with some interesting recipes on them so you can expect to find a new recipe each Sunday from those.  This week I shared the Apple Butter Bundt Cake Recipe.


I baked a little this week – see how easy it is to make delicious Chocolate Raspberry Sauce Brownies!  Numm!

The weather makes me think we should have a pretty decent weekend at the orchard – definitely starting to feel like fall!   Pressing cider is on tap for tonight and making apple cider donuts is in the books for tomorrow…

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