A Lovely Year of Finishes–October Goals

My ButtonI’m only a day late making my October goals…not too bad…

Goal 1.

tulapink book

My big goal this month was to keep up with the ‘Tula Pink Modern City Sampler’ Quilt Along.  12 blocks…I can do that, right?

Goal 2


My second September goal was to make one set of ‘Hearts for Susie’ pillowcases and I’m going to combine that with the ‘An Apple A Day…’ Project QUILTING Challenge.  I’ve sold a couple of these quilted heart pillowcases and a few patterns since I launched my ‘Hearts for Susie’ campaign but I think I need to get some more pillows in stock. 


I didn’t quite finish this goal so this month I’m going to try to get the pieced heart pillow tops quilted and made into actual pillows. 

What are your goals this month?


  1. You can do it! My big goal is to make Anne's halloween costume.

  2. I know you can get it all done! Tula and pillowcase and pillows. Interesting fabrics you used, a little different from the usual. I like that.


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