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SERIOUSLY!?!   I even made myself a note in ‘Google Calendar’ so I would be posting so late in the Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  Argh!  Super mad at myself for ignoring my ‘alerts’…I guess if I make them an alert I should probably pay attention to them. 

Better late than ever I guess…

Celebration Quilt

I decided to share with you all a quilt that I made in 2012.  It is “Celebration” and it was the 2012 Quilts by Barb Retreat Quilt.  We saw that we would be making it at the 2011 retreat and I immediately went shopping and found the perfect focal fabric for it.  I rarely buy fabric knowing what I’m going to make with it.  The quilt was tweaked by Barb to incorporate some Kaleidoscope-ing which is why I had to pre-pick out the fabric I would use.  You can read all about how my kaleidoscopes came to be HERE.  This quilt was ‘built’ from the center out and it was fun deciding the fabrics for each different layer.  I even second guessed myself during the round building and took a moment to make better decisions.    Overall, this quilt was a whole new process for my typical method but I loved the whole thing and I loved the end result as well.

After a few blocks not only had I already pre-decided what fabric would be used for the quilt but I knew that the quilt would be perfect for my good friend Kaitra.  I’d been telling her for years that I would make her a quilt for her either when she got married or turned 30.  She’s determined to never get married and I actually surprised her with this quilt for her 29th birthday.  That way she could stop being ‘excited’ for her 30th since she was getting a quilt!  Since she’s actually turning 30 in just over a month I figured this was the perfect throw quilt to feature this Festival!

Celebration QuiltI took this picture at the playground at our apple orchard. 

Celebration Quilt

My aunt, Barb Raisbeck, of Quilts by Barb did a triple circle all over the quilt in three different thread colors – LOVE it!

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