My First Speaking Gig at the Lodi Valley Quilters Guild

I first discovered the Lodi Valley Quilters Guild about 2 years ago when I went and heard the amazing Karen McTavish speak.  It was an inspiring lecture and I have looked forward to the first Monday of the month ever since.

Each meeting we seem to have a great speaker with a lot of knowledge, experience and talent to share with our group of over 100 quilters.  After the speaker presents, we have announcements and show and tell.  I tend to manage to have something to show at each ‘Show N Tell’ session so many of the members have gotten to know me and my work.  They are all so supportive, encouraging, and inspiring!  Other events at the guild include a great Quilt Academy Day in the spring and a wonderful presences at the Lodi Valley Fair each summer.

photo by Karmen Linder Photography

Just over a week ago on a Saturday I got a call from one of the members of the guild. It was a very busy day at the orchard and my main job during those days is to run the register and help folks out.  Anyway – so I got a phone call and was asked if I had a few minutes to talk.  My response was, “Can I call you back on Monday?”  Quickly, Irene got to the point and told me that the scheduled speaker for the Monday, October 7th meeting was ill and had to cancel.  My name was on the list of people guild members wanted to hear talk and she was wondering if I could fill in.  I was speechless.  (Trust me…if you know me…this never happens.)  She continued to say that she would let me think about it and to let her know as soon as I could.  Of course, I thought about it as I helped out my apple customers.  Was the timing ideal for me?  Definitely not – this is the busiest time of the year at the orchard!  Was this a dream of mine?  YES!  I decided, who cares about sleep!  Who knows if this opportunity would come up again for awhile (remember…our guild gets speakers like KAREN MCTAVISH!) so I might as well go for it!

So…I said Sure!

As I type this I have ALL the quilts in my possessions piled on the futon in my living room. I even found the first quilt I made in High School.  My plan is to show all the quilts that I have and talk about what I’ve learned and my journey.  I’ll be focusing on what challenges (like Project QUILTING) and Quilt Alongs/BOM have done for me as a quilter.  I haven’t planned very much but our retail shop is closed tomorrow.  I’ll be able to figure it all out by then…right?

Anyway – I’m excited and I hope the folks attending tomorrow night are excited to!

If you are in the Lodi, WI, area I hope you join us tomorrow night at 7pm at the Lodi Good Samaritan Center, 700 Clark Street, Lodi, WI.  Meetings are open to everyone.  Members may come free, non-members may come for free to their first meeting, $3.00 per meeting after that.  At times, there may be a higher fee charged to non-members due to the program, speaker, or event.


Wish me luck!  This is craziness!


  1. Wish you luck, just be yourself you'll do fine. I just happened to be in this situation , I gave a talk for my guild, and now I have already been invited more than four time to talk to different guilds. Remember you are among friends ,and u gonna have fun. Enjoy.
    I would have love to come if I were any closer.
    Nasreen Saeedi

  2. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence! So appreciated :)

  3. Congrats. Just relax and enjoy. I am sure that everyone will love seeing all your beautiful quilts. Wish I could be there. All the best!


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