A Lovely Year of Finishes–November Goal

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I have so so so many things I want to accomplish in my sewing room this month for the ‘A Lovely Year of Finishes’ Challenge…but I have to be realistic as well.  I only have one holiday show this season but the apples are still going strong so I’m going to keep my goals fairly simple this month.

Goal 1.

First.  My main goal is to make and finish a quilt for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge.  There are three categories – 1 ring, 4 ring, or more than 4 rings.  At this point I want to make at least 1 ring.  If it gets bigger great…if not, at least I gave it a try.

Goal 2.

IMG_2795I want to keep up with the Tula Pink City Sampler Quilt Along.  Ideally, I want to speed right ahead, finish all my blocks and have the top pieced by the end of the month…but I’m guessing that’s not in the cards.

Goal 3.

Project QUILTING.  I’m not sure what my off season challenge for this month is going to be yet but I want to make a quilt for the challenge.  I probably should figure that out as I technically should post the challenge at some point today. Hmm…

Goal 4.

Create the sketch for the quilt along I’m planning for 2014.  It has to do with thread is the only hint I’m going to give you at this point. Oh – and of course, it’s going to be amazing!


Wish me luck!  I can’t wait to see what I’m going to accomplish this month!

What are your goals in November?


  1. That's a lot of goals for lovely finishes! I just picked one for this one. Your LF goals are like my Get It Done challenge goals. =) Good luck with all of them.

  2. You do like to take a lot on. Good luck. I am tempted with the Wedding ring challenge too but not sure I want to take that on.


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