Aurifil and Fairy Tale Block of the Month Progress

I haven’t shared with you my progress on the Aurifil Block of the Month since the elicit July Block.  I’m loving these blocks!  Each is so different and the take/teaching method varies from each designer.  This Block of the Month is one of my ideal ‘Learning Methods to becoming a better piecer.’ I’ve told you before – I am not good at piecing.  I’m not patient.  I’m not accurate.  I’m not a perfectionist.  Taking it one block at a time, one month at a time is teaching me to be a better piecer.

I rarely use fabric all from one line or collection in a quilt.  I may at times by an entire line of a collection but once it comes I split it up into it’s proper ‘color’ family in my design wall, making it next to impossible for me to put it all together again.  When I’m ready for a quilt I’ll ‘pull’ a pile of fabric I think will work well and start from there.  For this quilt along I started with the three ‘Edges – multi’ fabrics from the Laura Gunn Collection – these are the white with the stripe, the polka dots and the mosaiced blocks you see in my blocks.  I am treating these all as my background fabrics…using a mix of each in the blocks and creating another dimension the blocks.  August Aurifil BOMAugust Block – the Brown leaf fabric was a fat quarter I picked up at JoAnn’s…Quite a few of the other fabrics I pulled include some from Tula Pink.  I can’t remember where the tree fabric is from…anyone want to chime in?

September Block

September Block – the darker blue and chartreuse green fabrics were ones I won at the Madison Modern Quilt Guild meeting (yeah!)

October Aurifil BOMOctober Block – the red fabric is a piece of over-dyed fabric my mother in law did that I’m absolutely in love with!  I see in this one there’s another random batik yellow/orange fabric and a yellow print I can’t place.

November Aurifil Block of the MonthNovember Block – here’s another situation where fussy cutting one of Tula Pink’s fabulous fabrics makes all the difference! The peacock print in the corner is an African Fabric from my special stash.


Three Chairs

As I’ve mentioned before.  12 blocks from a BOM makes a decent size lap size quilt but I’d like to make this quilt a bit bigger so I’m adding in 12 fairy tale paper pieced blocks from the Bungalow Quilting and Yarn BOM.  I managed to get the 3 Chairs done from the Goldilocks Tale.  I like paper piecing but I’ll admit that I have to be in the right sort of mood to do them.  I’ll get in another groove soon though and get caught up with these too.


Here are all the blocks I have done so far all on my design wall – 11 Aurifil Blocks and 4 of the paper pieced Fairy Tale Blocks.  The Fairy Tale Blocks are only 9” blocks so I’ll have to sash them or do something else to make them fit.  I’m already coming up with some ideas!mosaic5b2449b8782774a4ec02ebfc34238bda7786f3d3
1. August Aurifil BOM, 2. September Block, 3. Three Chairs, 4. October Aurifil BOM, 5. November Aurifil Block of the Month

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